Professor Wang Zhentao’s sharing of typical cases in the diagnosis and treatment of chest pain and heart pain (382)

General:LiXX, male, 55 years old, farmer, from Zhumadian, Henan. No history of drug allergy was found. 2018year07month20the first visit.

Complaint:Paroxysmal chest tightness, palpitations6years, and relapses with retching1years.

History of present illness: 6years ago with no obvious cause for chest tightness , palpitations, paroxysmal, lasting5min, aggravated after activity, relieved after rest, no obvious stenosis was found in coronary angiography in the provincial medical examination; the above symptoms are intermittently present, accompanied by retching, and get up in the morning Aggravated after meals, sleepy, mellow stools, dark red tongue, yellow and greasy coating, deep and thin pulse. Now regularoral administrationdiltiazem, aspirin, statin, valsartan, Deanxit and other drugs. Historical hypertension7years, hyperlipidemia5years, and erosive gastritis10years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis: chest pain disease

Syndromes:Hepatobiliary Depression and Heat Syndrome

Treatment:Reconciling Shaoyang, Diarrhea and Fever

Preliminary prescription:

>2018AugustMonth3DayTuesdayVisit: span>After taking the medicine, I felt that the general malaise was relieved, and occasionally nausea, chest tightness and palpitations were obviously improved. Dark red tongue, greasy coating, and thin pulse.

Processing:7.20< span>Remove Campanulaceae in Japan, add Gynostemma 24g, Shenglongmu each24g, Bupleurum to /span>20g, plus mulberry sprigs24g. 15dose, decoct in water, one dose per day, divided into 2times.

Notes:Patients with chest tightness, palpitations, coronary Although there is no obvious stenosis on the angiography, it is accompanied by emotional anxiety. When diagnosed as cardiac neurosis, traditional Chinese medicine can treat it according to “chest pain disease” and “depression disease”. According to the tongue and pulse, the syndrome is identified as liver and gallbladder stagnation and heat syndrome. Da Chai Hu Tang is composed of Chai Hu, Scutellaria baicalensis, ginger, rhubarb, Pinellia, etc. It has the effect of reconciling Shaoyang and internal diarrhea and heat knots. Annoyance, constipation, and yellow tongue coating are the most effective. People who are addicted to blood use it, it can make the stool smooth, the mood is happy, the body is light, and the pain is relieved. “Sifang Ye, Bupleurum has twice the power of ginger, and it has the effect of dissolving half a table; citrus peony is less than rhubarb, and has the effect of attacking half a mile. Add tangerine peel and Poria to invigorate the spleen and resolve phlegm; Platycodon grandiflorum and bitter almond are combined, one for reducing and one for dispersing, whichever is used for dispelling lung and resolving phlegm; Zhuru clears heat and dissipates phlegm; For many years, a variety of drugs have been taken for a long time, so Amomum chinensis is combined with ginger, jujube, and licorice to strengthen the spleen and protect the stomach, and licorice can also reconcile various medicines.