Between the opposite sex, if these conditions are met, there will generally be feelings


There are many things between the opposite sex, we must seriously consider the process of getting along between two people It is easy to have problems. After all, many bad things will happen between men and women, so we must be fully prepared. Otherwise, if there are problems, the most terrible thing is not knowing how to solve them.

Between the opposite sex, if these conditions are met, feelings will generally arise.

01. Both are single< /p>

When the opposite sex gets along, if they are both single, it is easy to have relationship problems. If it is not someone else’s family split , There is a pair between the two of you, so there are some things we can’t talk about in real life, but we can feel that there are very obvious behaviors.

Sometimes it’s not about whether the other party has money, but about the other party’s dress. If you can match a woman’s heart, problems will easily arise between two people Yes, if you don’t know anything and can’t do anything, even if you have money, it’s useless, especially as a man, you must master the correct skills.

When a man and a woman get along, we must find the right way in many cases. In our lives, everything is like this. We must not always feel that life is difficult. Everyone has their own life. It’s a big loss, because as long as men and women are together, some things will happen naturally.

02. Everyone has a bad family

When the opposite sex gets along, if there is a bad family between each other, something will definitely happen, If two people are smart, they can comfort each other. Before you know it, an ambiguous relationship will gradually occur. After a long time, the two will have true love.

In our life, in fact, everything happens very simply and invisible, even though the other party is married, or It is said that there is no marriage certificate in the place, so there is no money. As long as the interests and hobbies between the two people can be consistent in all aspects, then some very wonderful things will happen.

When the opposite sex is together, many things are not easy, and some wonderful things often happen. In most of the time, we must know what we are doing. In fact, we must consider the status quo more often. Don’t always think that life is very complicated. Everyone and everything, when it happens, actually There is a reason for all of the above.


Emotions are actually very easy. Most of the time, they are not that complicated. We don’t need to think too much. Don’t always feel that you can’t live, because you think too much is useless. Everything in life is because we didn’t think about it properly. As long as you can think about everything well, you will find that life is really simple, life is not troublesome, and feelings are like that.