Seeing the great role of mother from Han Fuju’s four sons and daughters’ success

From Han Fuju’s four sons and daughters to see the great role of mother

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People know that the warlord Han Fuju was shot by Chiang Kai-shek, but they don’t know that his sons and daughters have grown up under the training of their mother Gao Yizhen.

Han Fuju has five sons, only the eldest son lost due to mental illness The remaining four sons and daughters have all become talents under the meticulous training of Han Fuju’s first wife Gao Yizhen.

When Chiang Kai-shek was defeated and fled to Taiwan in 1949, the family discussed with them and did not discuss with them Chiang Kai-shek went to Taiwan, but chose to stay in Beijing.

At the beginning of the founding of New China, Gao Yizhen reported the details of the affairs between her husband and Chiang Kai-shek Write a letter and send it to the above, hoping to remove the hat of “deserter family members”. This letter was received by the leader. After investigation, Gao Yizhen found that what Gao Yizhen said was true, and finally gave the Han family a fair evaluation.

What is even more exciting is that the second son Han Zihua joined the volunteer army and went to The Korean battlefield wins glory for the country. In 1953, the Korean War ended, and Han Zihua won the third-class merit. From a down-and-out young master to a hero of the volunteer army, he finally walked out of the shadow of his father’s death and lived out his own life.

Third son Han Sifeng. After graduating from Chengdu and returning home, he went to work in a transportation company in Xi’an. In his free time, he was also in charge of the alumni association of the Whampoa Military Academy in the mainland, trying to deepen the friendship between the people on both sides of the strait. The rest of his life was peaceful and stable.

Daughter Han Silu. She asked for it from Han Fuju’s fifth younger brother, because the couple had always wanted a daughter. When Han Fuju was shot, Han Sili was still a little girl. Her mother treated her like her own daughter and loved her very much. In that era when material was scarce and schooling was difficult, Gao Yizhen resolutely spent money and energy to support her studies. Han Sili was finally admitted to the Beijing Electric Power College, and became a senior engineer in the Electric Power Bureau after graduation.

The fourth son, Han Sixi, his mother tried her best to keep him in the Han family , caring and thoughtful, not only worried about his basic necessities of life, but also educated him seriously and responsibly. Han Sizhui lived up to expectations. He was talented and had excellent grades. He was admitted to Tsinghua University and became a master of mechanics. After graduation, he became a professor at Beijing Electric Power Institute. Later, he went to Austria to study abroad, but he still cared about his hometown and the motherland. After finishing his studies, he gave up the rich life in Austria and returned to Beijing to serve the motherland.

The excellence of these four children is inseparable from the mother Gao Yezhen Love and education. It has been nearly twenty years since her husband was shot in 1938. For so many years, she has been in charge of everything in the Han family and cared about the growth of her children. She deserves to be a great mother.

It can be seen how crucial and great the role of a mother is in a family ! After her husband was shot, Gao Yizhen endured her grief and managed to support the family. And giving care and education to each child, so that the family has a backbone, so that the children of this family receive maternal love, and also enable the children of this family to have the right direction of efforts, and strive to become talents and compete for excellence. This is the power of great maternal love!