“Posting autumn fat” in the beginning of autumn = eating more meat? Wrong!

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it is the beginning of autumn again.

As a very important festival of the year, there has always been a lot of interesting rituals about the beginning of autumn, such as——Post autumn fat, and there is also the saying “Beginning of autumn to stick to autumn fat, and not to get sick for one year“.

In the past, people thought that it was easy to lose appetite when it was hot in summer, but with the arrival of the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually turned cooler, and the appetite began to improve. In order to compensate for the loss of summer, and for better In order to resist the coming severe cold in winter, it is necessary to eat more meat and “stick autumn fat”.

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Is it necessary to “stick autumn fat”? How to “stick autumn fat” healthier?

“Posting autumn fat” to keep safe?

Let’s answer the first question first, Modern people should be cautious about putting on autumn fat (sigh, one less legitimate excuse for wanton eating).

The so-called “fat” actually refers to the layer of subcutaneous fat between the skin and muscles, in short, “fat”. The tradition of “posting autumn fat” comes from the life experience in ancient times. At that time, the biggest feature was the lack of food and the harsh living conditions.

People are generally not full, eating meat once a month is considered a good thing; it is not warm to wear, there is no heating and air conditioning in winter, and even down jackets are a luxury , but also do a lot of physical labor, naturally prone to the problem of insufficient energy. Therefore, every autumn and winter, everyone will find ways to eat more energy-rich foods.

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Life and the environment have changed a lot. Meat can be eaten almost every day, down jackets can be worn casually, and air conditioning and heating are also very common. “Overwintering” is a very easy thing for most people, but the new health challenges they face are “< /span>Obesity” issue.

The “Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents (2020)” shows that over 50% of adult residents in my country are overweight and obese. In addition to affecting aesthetics, obesity also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and hypertension. Preventing obesity and maintaining a healthy weight is the way we should live.

If you still think about “posting autumn fat to keep safe” at this time, whether it is eating braised pork or drinking milk tea, the “autumn fat” you posted will eventually change. body fat.

How to maintain healthy autumn fat?

However, it does not mean that everyone should completely abandon “posting autumn fat”, but it should be scientifically and healthy “posting autumn fat” according to current life changes. “.

How to “stick autumn fat” to be healthier? The key is to use less energy and more nutrition. Check out the followingNew “Falling Fat” recipe:

1) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Choose fresh and seasonal fruits, dark vegetables, etc. to help your body get more vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals;

2) Eat more whole grains and grains

such as millet, corn, oats, red beans, mung beans, etc., and eat less fried cereals , can help us get more nutrients such as B vitamins and dietary fiber, and also help maintain weight and control blood sugar;

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3) Meat should be “more white and less red”< span>

Choose low-fat meat, eat more white meat such as fish and poultry, and less red meat such as pork, beef, and lamb. Fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat should also be consumed in moderation, the average daily intake for adults is 120-200g .

In addition, you can also take advantage of the time when the weather is getting cooler but it is not late winter.Do some outdoor exercise, sunbathe, and vitamin D can also be added appropriately. You must know that people of different ages in my country are generally deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle weakness and osteoporosis, and the elderly are more prone to falls and fractures.

In general, don’t just focus on energy when post autumn fat, but post more nutrition is the key, eat more vegetables Fruit, eat more whole grains and legumes.

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of course, for those food People in less-sufficiency areas, including those who are thin and undernourished, can follow traditional methods to properly stick to autumn fat. A reasonable diet will help improve health.


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