Please keep this workplace protection guide

Currently, the epidemic situation is severe and complicated, and the country presents a trend of multiple, wide-ranging, and frequent outbreaks. During the epidemic prevention and control period, how should citizens protect themselves at work? Please keep this guide handy.

First of all

You should abide by the unit’s epidemic prevention regulations. When entering the workplace, you must cooperate with body temperature testing, presentation of “health code”, entry and exit registration, etc. In case of suspected respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough, you should report to the unit in time, and do not go to work with illness.

When eating in the cafeteria, wear the mask correctly and take it off before eating. Keep your hands clean and wash your hands before eating.

Eat at the wrong time, avoid the peak dining period, communicate less when eating, and keep a certain distance between people to avoid the spread of droplets.


In the workplace, you should wear masks scientifically, wash your hands frequently, maintain a social distance of one meter, open windows for ventilation, and avoid gatherings.

When taking the elevator, pay attention to keeping a distance from others, and try to avoid touching the buttons directly with your hands.

Keep public areas and office areas clean and tidy, and clean up garbage in time.

Cleaning staff should do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting elevators, public toilets and other public equipment and facilities, and door handles and other high-frequency contact surfaces.


For staff in key places such as airports, train stations, buses, shopping malls, farmers markets, restaurants, schools, etc., they must strictly follow the Carry out work in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control regulations of the site.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Wang Luxin/Article