Men put peppercorns into their navels before going to bed. After a period of time, there may be 4 changes in the body

Zanthoxylum bungeanum belongs to a kind of condiment, which is often seen in the kitchen. It can enhance the taste and freshness. source of ingredients.

Especially now that people have a strong awareness of health preservation, they will use some health preservation methods to achieve the purpose of maintaining their bodies. Some health-preserving ingredients are often used, such as pepper, astragalus, wolfberry, etc.

In life, some people choose to soak their feet with pepper water. In fact, they put pepper in their navel before going to bed , can also achieve the effect of health preservation and health care, and also bring unexpected benefits to the body.


Men put pepper into their navel before going to bed, after a period of time, the body may appear 4

Dispelling cold and dampness

Many men in daily life are particularly prone to sweating, but the sweat cannot evaporate in time, and will gradually accumulate in the body, resulting in dampness in the body. Excessive qi and excessive moisture can easily cause some diseases, so put the peppercorns in the navel and seal it well before going to bed, which can remove the damp and cold air in the body and reduce the risk of diseases.

Improve sleep quality

Sleep is the prerequisite to ensure good health, and many men in life often suffer from insomnia due to the high pressure in life. The quality of sleep is particularly poor, so sleep Putting Zanthoxylum bungeanum in the navel beforehand can speed up the detoxification function of internal organs, help improve metabolism and improve sleep quality.

helps lose weight

< p data-track="11">Many men are prone to gain weight as they grow older and do not pay attention to diet. This will not only cause a decline in personal image, but also increase the risk of disease.

We also need science to lose weight A reasonable method is to put peppercorns in the belly button before going to bed, which can improve the temperature around the abdomen, speed up blood circulation, and promote the decomposition and burning of fat, which is beneficial to promote weight loss.

Relieves constipation

< p data-track="14">Some people are often prone to get angry, so they will have some bad symptoms, such as mouth ulcers, dry stool, difficulty in defecation, etc., which will make people feel particularly annoying. Especially in many men, the internal heat is relatively strong, which is easy to cause a small belly, and the problem of constipation is also more serious.

For men who are often constipated, you can put pepper on the navel before going to bed, and properly Massage can speed up local metabolism, help the body clean up waste and garbage, and help improve the symptoms of constipation.


Who are not suitable for eating pepper?

throat sore

Some people are prone to colds and fevers when the seasons change. If the throat is swollen and sore due to inflammation invasion, try not to eat peppercorns at ordinary times, because peppercorns are a kind of warming and nourishing food, eating too much will cause serious Excessive accumulation of anger is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

Pregnant women

For pregnant women, do not eat pepper, because pepper contains a small amount of camphor, which will increase when this substance enters the body of pregnant women The poisoning reaction is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus, and can easily cause threatened abortion and complications during pregnancy.


Some people have special constitutions. If they eat too much pepper, it is easy to cause allergic reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, urticaria, and body fever. If you are allergic to pepper, try not to eat it.


What is the use of Zanthoxylum bungeanum?

According to relevant studies, pepper can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure levels, and accelerate blood flow People with high blood pressure can eat pepper in moderation.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum can reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and also has the effect of local anesthesia, especially when toothache occurs, it can be used in Putting a little pepper in your mouth can effectively relieve pain.

For people with parasites in their bodies, they can also soak water with pepper to drink, which can effectively remove Internal parasites.

When farmers store grain , some insects often appear, at this time, you can also put the peppercorns in the gauze and seal it well, and put it next to the grain to drive away the insects.