Treating Psoriasis with Danggui Shaoyao Powder and Guizhi plus Longgu Muli Decoction

It takes a long time to treat psoriasis. This is because of the disadvantages of western medicine treatment. Many patients choose Chinese medicine to treat psoriasis. Although Chinese medicine treatment takes a long time, However, due to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment itself, unlike western medicine which divides psoriasis into four types, traditional Chinese medicine divides psoriasis into blood-heat type, blood stasis type, blood-dryness type, damp-heat intrinsic type, cold-damp obstruction collateral type, heat There are ten types including the flaming type, of which 80 to 90% are the three types of blood heat type, blood stasis type, and blood dryness type. “Blood-heat type psoriasis keeps developing new rashes, and the old rashes also develop continuously, with obvious itching; blood-dryness type has no new rashes, and the old rashes are pale and infiltrated; blood-stasis type psoriasis has hypertrophic skin lesions, like leather. “Blood heat, blood stasis and blood dryness are the three development stages of psoriasis. Blood heat is the cause of the disease. On this basis, the disease develops for a long time and becomes blood stasis type. If it continues to develop, it will become blood stasis due to the consumption of body fluid. Dry type. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of treatment with definite curative effects. Now I share my medical case:

Wang, female, 31 years old, first visit on February 10, 2022 . Psoriasis history 10 years, relapse in recent months. After one month of treatment in another hospital, the rash worsened, and because of taking acitretin and not avoiding sun exposure, the facial skin was obviously darkened. The patient dared not take it anymore, so he came to seek medical treatment from Chinese medicine. Look into: erythra multiple extremities, see large piece of infiltrative erythema, silver-white scale. Diffuse gray and black spots are seen on the face and neck. The patient has a medium body shape, fair and tender complexion, and is usually prone to flustered, afraid of cold, four inversions, slightly hot palms, and is usually prone to colds. The body of the tongue is slightly fat and large, with teeth marks slightly on the sides, the tongue body is light red, the fur is thin and white, and the pulse is stringy and thready. Asked to stop taking western medicine, in this case the patient’s overall constitution was weak, his complexion was fair and tender, Shaohua, afraid of cold, Sini, fat tongue , tooth marks, white and moist fur, thready pulse, all of which are based on the Danggui Shaoyao San prescription of Taiyin Blood Deficiency Drinking Water; because of palpitation, this water drink is caused by rushing up, and combined with Guizhi and Longgu Muli Decoction to lower the rushing, potential Yang converges yin, so it also treats hot palms; add Schizonepeta a little, and prevent wind and penetrate the hair to take care of local rashes. Give Danggui Shaoyao Powder combined with Guizhi plus Longgu Muli Decoction to add flavor, keep the formula slightly modified, and take 30 doses continuously, and the rash subsides and heals.