Playing in the water and taking a shower

Modern Express News (reporter Zhang Ran/Wen Zhaojie/Photo) Yo Yo Lu Ming, the lake is gurgling. Recently, Nanjing has continued to be hot, and the long-lived deer in the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum has also turned on the summer cool mode, jumping into the lake to take a cool bath, and taking a sip of lotus leaves to replenish moisture, it is very pleasant.

In the Changsheng Deer Garden of Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, a reporter from Modern Express saw a group of sika deer playing in the lake. The deer are very cute, and sometimes they will flick their tails, and the splashes will bring a cool breeze.

The lake was submerged to the stomach of the deer, and there were some cuties who were not happy enough, so they shrunk their entire bodies into the water, leaving only the A head emerges from the water.

Swim to the edge of the fence, facing the green lotus leaf across the net, the deer sticks its head out of the fence, takes a bite of the lotus leaf and eats , full of fun.

(Modern Express All Media)