Persist in doing this “movement” a few times a day to help you solve these 5 problems and live a long and healthy life

With the development of society and the changes of the times, in this golden age, human beings cherish their health and life span even more. But many people generally believe that as long as they eat well, eat enough, and eat more of what is nutritious, they will be healthy and live a long life. Chinese medicine believes that no matter how nutritious food or medicine, supplements, etc., it is not recommended to eat more, and it should be eaten in moderation. Or if you eat for a period of time, you have to stop for a period of time, which can indirectly supplement the body with nutrients.

Only if the nutrition is correct, the body can take in more nutrients, the body will be healthy, and the body will live longer if the body is healthy Yes, many elderly people can live to be a hundred years old. We found that these centenarians have one thing in common, that is, they eat lightly, but their nutrition has kept up. There are always different degrees of physical diseases in the world. Try this method, which can effectively detect your lifespan and how long you can live.

The easiest way to test life is to stand on tiptoe. In fact, in ancient times, this method has been used by many people. Tiptoe is a small movement that everyone can do, and there are many benefits to tiptoe. The method of tiptoeing is recorded in ancient Chinese books.

Tiptoe, we can put our feet together, evenly and slowly to stand on tiptoe, every day on tiptoe for a while, it will make your blood Fluency is better, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health, and it can also effectively prevent varicose veins and stabilize the ankle joint. In addition, the action of standing on tiptoe can also make your limbs and mind move better. Many people are prone to dizziness and black eyes when standing, but if we stand on tiptoe more often, it can effectively improve the black eyes, dizziness, etc. symptom. Elderly people should do more tiptoes, because regular tiptoes can effectively avoid knee injuries. The joints of the elderly are generally not particularly good, so more tiptoes can prevent knee injuries. And this action is not dangerous, everyone can do it.

Tiptoe not only has the above functions, but also the following functions. It is recommended to tiptoe more often, whether at home or In company, because tiptoeing is not only good for your body, but it can also make you live longer.

Help you solve these 5 problems: 1. Prevent depression; 2. Supplement your kidney qi and improve kidney deficiency Kidney deficiency and other symptoms; 3. Effectively prevent low back pain; 4. Effectively prevent stroke; 5. Effectively improve and prevent urethral obstruction.

Tiptoe does not require you to stand up and keep a still posture; you can sit on tiptoe, walk on tiptoe, of course, standing on tiptoe is also possible. When standing on tiptoe, we suggest that you put your feet together, then put your hands on both sides of your legs, keep your toes on the ground, turn your back heels up and then down, and repeat it several times. What needs to be explained here is that when standing on tiptoe, the rear heel must be slow when landing, not too fast. We can effectively tiptoe as shown in the figure below.

Walking on tiptoes means that every time we walk, we can lift our heels higher than usual A little higher is fine, and the number of times you can walk on tiptoe does not need to be too many. Generally, it is recommended to do it 30 to 50 times. If you are not used to walking on tiptoe for the first time, you can support the wall first, and then start slowly. Sitting on tiptoe is even easier, balance your knees and legs together and bring them together, then lift your heels up and then drop them down. In addition to the above several tiptoe methods, you can also lie on the bed or sofa to do this tiptoe movement. Put your two legs together first, then keep them straight, put one foot on the bed or sofa, lift the other foot slightly, hook and release the toes, and repeat this action, right? Very simple.

These tiptoe methods don’t take too long, as long as you feel comfortable, just stick to it for a while every day, and you will slowly discover that you Your body is starting to get better and healthier, and if your body becomes healthier, your life expectancy will of course be longer. Especially for many office workers, the sitting time is at least about 6 hours a day, and some are more than that. If you are sitting and working, you can do this tiptoe movement while working, which will not only make your body The blood flow is better, and it can make the body healthy. Why not do it?