Eating at night equals “chronic suicide”? How many of these “can’t eat at night” rumors have you believed?

Is eating these at night equal to “chronic poisoning”?

Eating at night is equal to “slow suicide”! About the “can’t eat at night” rumors, how many do you believe?

A view that has been circulating in the health care industry for a long time is that after people fall asleep at night, the stomach will also enter a dormant state, and the food eaten late at night cannot be digested. Over time, it becomes toxins and damages health. Even if you eat some fruits with high sugar content and then go to bed immediately, these fruits will be fermented in the stomach and turn into stones over time? Do you think these statements are credible? Or which rumors do you think are true?

In fact, there have always been some rumors that eating food at different times will have different effects, such as eating ginger “Eat ginger early , wins ginseng soup; eat ginger at night, compete with arsenic”. When it comes to eating apples, there are “golden apples in the morning, silver apples at noon, and poisonous apples in the evening”. Doubt, and can also explain why such a truth clearly makes you feel that there is such a thing, for example: “eat ginger to match arsenic at night” because eating ginger will make people feel hot all over the body and feel irritable. It is not conducive to the night when you need to sleep peacefully, and it is easy to cause over-excitement and difficulty in falling asleep. “Poisonous apples at night” is because the stomach does not work at night, and the apples eaten will ferment in the stomach and become toxic substances that endanger health, and eating at night is easier to synthesize fat and become a fat-prone body. These rumors that have no experimental basis have convinced many people. Next, let’s talk about why these rumors are unreliable.

Studies have shown that there is not much difference between the digestion and absorption of protein and the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates when people are asleep and awake during the day, so it can be proved that The supper eaten at night will not be indigestible in the stomach because you fall asleep immediately after eating, and then you will continue to digest when you wake up the next day. This is impossible. Although if you eat protein, digestion will indeed be slower, but this has little to do with when you eat it, but with the amount you eat. After all, everyone’s gastrointestinal digestion function is limited. Not to mention that the ingredients in fruits are carbohydrates, which must be better digested than protein, and judging from the nature of carbohydrates and the chemical reactions that will occur in the stomach, it is impossible to produce toxins or turn into stones. Point please don’t worry.

The second rumor: Eating at night makes you fatter?

It is said on the Internet that eating the same food at night is more likely to make you fat than eating it during the day, and cites the saying, such as horses without night grass and not fat to prove it. There are indeed some researchers who have conducted experiments on this issue, and the results may disappoint many people. In fact, the truth is that eating at night is the same as eating during the day.Obesity mainly depends on whether there is a calorie gap. If you eat more than you exercise, you will definitely become fat. In fact, there is no strong relationship with the time you eat. But why do many people still have such thoughts? In fact, the key is that everyone is very excited when staying up late at night, and it is easy to eat too much food to relieve emotions and achieve the possibility of falling asleep quickly. This kind of excessive calorie intake is the reason why eating at night is easy to gain weight. As for some rumors about getting fat easily at night, specific reasons are also given: one is that the metabolic rate will decrease after falling asleep at night, and the other is that the insulin level will be abnormal at night, which will easily lead to accelerated fat synthesis. This is scientific Based on it? After all, it seems reasonable.

Actually, everyone knows that whether you are fat or not is directly related to your caloric deficit. If you say why I gained weight after eating late-night snacks, it is because of excessive calorie intake. If I eat more food than usual during the day, it will be as fattening as eating late-night snacks!

The third rumor: Does eating at night affect sleep? Can’t sleep if you eat before going to bed?

For patients with heart disease, eating before going to bed, especially some fatty and cocaine-containing beverages may aggravate the condition. For normal people , as mentioned earlier, the impact is really not big.

The fourth rumor: Is eating ginger at night really arsenic?

Now let’s talk about ginger specifically. There is currently no evidence that eating ginger will cause you to fall asleep or sleep better. It is worth discussing that ginger is even added to some sleep aid formulas. Moreover, the effect of eating ginger on sleep varies from person to person. For example, some people feel that it is easier to fall asleep after drinking ginger tea. The effect of ginger on sleep has no definite curative effect or harm. But what can be confirmed is that whether ginger is eaten at night or during the day, it will not turn into arsenic, which is another substance.

But there are some credible parts in these rumors, for example, some foods do have a certain sleep-promoting effect. In fact, many people also feel this way, and sometimes feel that eating something before going to bed can sleep better.

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