Why do more and more people do not want to pay social security? Experts give 3 reasons, most people do not understand

Why do more and more people do not want to pay social security? Experts give 3 reasons, most people don’t understand! Social security is life security after retirement. It is a social pension issued by the state so that working people can still enjoy fixed wages as they did when they were at work when they are old.

At present, with the development of provincial-level social security coordination, issues related to social security benefits and work have gradually become popular among the public. Knowing that you have to pay social security at work, this is more important than finding a partner. But why have it been frequently revealed in recent years that many people have stopped paying social security? Even said that the payment has been suspended for several years? What is the reason for this? Is it related to the delayed retirement now? If you don’t know why, let’s take a look!

Now everyone knows that men retire at 60 years old, while women have to retire 5 years earlier. If there are special circumstances, they can even retire early. However, recently, frequent news and even experts have pointed out that the country has entered an aging society, and as the aging becomes more and more serious, many people suggest delaying retirement to slow down the pace of aging, but many people stop paying social security because Scared of delaying retirement? It’s unreasonable to start worrying as if it didn’t happen, so what is it that makes so many people stop paying Social Security?

The first reason: too much pressure in life.

In fact, many people are under great pressure in their lives, especially in big cities and outsiders are renting houses. Responsible for all the expenses of life, my own salary is strong enough to support my life, when the salary is not high, except for various necessary expenses, and I have to pay a large amount of social security, this is a big problem for many people who are working abroad. No small burden. Maybe for them, they want to spend the money they have finally earned, and they want to spend it on current expenses. Thinking that they are still far away from retirement, they want to save the emergency and overcome the immediate difficulties first, so this Similar people will choose to stop paying social security to protect their lives. There is also a group of people who already have children and have to repay car loans and housing loans, so their life pressure is actually greater, because these loans and living expenses, plus children’s expenses, both of them have to work In some cases, the wages may not be enough, so although they look happy on the outside, they will actually fall into the predicament of not being able to pay social security.


The second reason: flexible employment workers have to pay too much.

Maybe you don’t know what flexible employment is. In fact, flexible employment means that there is no unit. These people who do some small businesses, such as small vendors, self-employed, etc., they There is no fixed source of income, and there is no unit to work. Often I am my own source of income. Moreover, unlike the social insurance for corporate employees, where the unit pays the bulk and the individual pays the small amount, flexible employment insurance needs to be fully borne by the individual. The standards of each city will also be different, but for some operations that are not so good For flexible employees, it is very difficult to pay more than 1,000 yuan or more per month for insurance premiums. It will take a long time for the money to be paid off, so some people who pay more attention to the immediate future will still choose to stop It is also very possible to even have the idea of ​​returning the previously paid social security to solve the current problem!

The third reason: frequent job hopping.

There was no such thing as job-hopping before, but job-hopping is very common in this era. Although some people are lucky, they can stay in a company with higher treatment for decades. But more people will still choose to change jobs to achieve a kind of salary promotion.class. However, some of these people also failed. When they resigned and did not successfully enter another company, in other words, when they did not find a seamless connection, there was no unit that could help pay social security. This situation was forced to break It’s up to you!

There are also some small enterprises that are not standardized. Although they must pay social security to employees in name, they have not actually done so. In this case, employees do not have a good legal awareness. If you know how to fight for your rights, you will not pay social security. Even many young people spend a lot of money, and their salary is not even enough to spend on their own. In this case, they may be more willing to spend a few hundred dollars more than to pay social security. In the final analysis, it is a kind of ignorance of social security. .

The above three reasons can actually summarize the reasons why most people do not pay social security. In fact, it is not because they are unwilling to pay, nor is it because of delayed retirement. What are your thoughts on the suspension of payment and payment? Welcome to leave a message and share in the comment area!