Persimmon Garden Town, Shen County: Sincerely helping the needy people to spend the winter with peace of mind

Shiziyuan Town, Shenxian County: Sincerely helping the needy people to spend the winter with peace of mind

To help get rid of poverty The masses survive the winter warmly and effectively solve the difficulties that farmers face in winter production and life. The government of Shiziyuan Township in Shen County organizes support cadres and village-level rural revitalization liaison officers to visit each household to learn more about the winter situation of each poor household and take specific measures , Effectively guarantee the warmth of the poor people for the winter.

During the process of visiting households, the help cadres carefully checked the safety of heating and electricity use of the masses. If they saw villagers lighting stoves or lighting fires, they would tell Villagers must remember to ventilate regularly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and ask them to take safety precautions in winter.

As the cold winter approaches, safe heating has also become a focus of concern for support cadres. Over the past few days, the town has organized all support cadres and village cadres to visit the permanent residents of the town one by one, and focused on checking the potential safety hazards of electricity, gas, and coal for poverty-stricken households, five-guarantee households, and low-income households, and inspected heating equipment on the spot. and heating effect, and publicize and explain safety knowledge. Helping cadres have warmed the needy people with heart and emotion, and this winter is no longer cold. The town will continue to do a good job in visiting and helping the needy people, make every effort to consolidate and improve the achievements of poverty alleviation, and effectively enhance the happiness and sense of gain of the needy people.

Correspondent: Guo Xiaoyan