Youth Civilization | Dawangzhai Town Convenience Service Center launched a promotional campaign to optimize the business environment

In order to further strengthen the creation of Youth Civilization, recently, Dawangzhai Town Convenience Service Center organized volunteers to carry out promotional activities to optimize the business environment to further optimize the business environment and protect market players legal rights.

During the activity, government cadres and volunteers went deep into the streets and alleys of the area under their jurisdiction, explaining relevant regulations on optimizing the business environment to the masses, and constantly improving the public Awareness of the business environment. At the same time, party members, cadres, and volunteers went to the merchants along the street to understand their production and operation conditions, distributed questionnaires on the satisfaction of the business environment, collected everyone’s opinions and suggestions on optimizing the business environment, and helped operators solve existing difficulties.

It is reported that government service youths always follow the concept of “quality service” and actively carry out online services, appointment services, delayed services, etc., for special The masses open green services, increase the temperature and speed of handling affairs, and allow the masses and enterprises to run at most once, and get it done once.

In the next step, the Dawangzhai Town Convenience Service Center will continue to innovate service measures and further develop the “Youth Civilization Collective” in the new era Demonstrative and leading role in the convenience work, go all out to be a “caring person” for the masses and enterprises, and constantly promote the business environment of the town.