Persimmon Garden Town, Shenxian County: Caring for poverty-stricken households with sincere care, cleaning and cleaning to warm people’s hearts

In order to further promote and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, guide poverty-stricken households to develop good living habits, and improve the living environment of poverty-stricken families, the assistance cadres and village-level rural revitalization liaison officers of Shiziyuan Town, Shenxian County conducted an interview with poverty-stricken households in their jurisdiction Carried out home visits to help out-of-poverty households clean, and used practical actions to build a “heart-to-heart bridge” between the community and the poverty-stricken households.

During the activity, everyone was not afraid of being dirty or tired. They held brooms, rags and other tools to help the poverty-stricken households clean their houses, wipe doors, windows, tables and chairs, and organize and arrange their daily necessities , Create a clean, tidy and hygienic living environment for the poverty-stricken households. While cleaning, have a cordial conversation with the poverty-stricken households, inquire about their life and physical conditions in detail, understand their thoughts, feelings, and needs, give poverty alleviation guidance according to the current policy, and urge the poverty-stricken households to develop good hygiene Get used to it so that you can get rid of poverty not only materially, but also spiritually.

This event enhanced the relationship between the cadres who helped the poverty alleviation and the poverty-stricken households, and strengthened the support of the poverty-stricken people With a sense of gain and happiness, the volunteer service spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress” has been practiced with practical actions, and it has contributed to ensuring the effective connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization and consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation.

Correspondent: Guo Xiaoyan