People’s Daily: 18-year-old college entrance examination girl can’t smile when taking pictures. Orthodontic expert met for the first time in 30 years

[Source: People’s Daily]

Recently, 18-year-old college entrance examination girl Xiaomin (pseudonym) , came to the Orthodontics Department of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University and asked to straighten her teeth. When the doctor collected data, she asked Xiaomin to take a picture of her smile, but she couldn’t smile at all, which was shocking…

Medium After the college entrance examination, during the summer vacation, the Department of Stomatology of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University ushered in the peak of medical consultations. After receiving the admission letter, many college students especially hope to straighten their teeth in the summer and start a beautiful college life. Before orthodontic treatment, doctors generally need to take photos of the teeth and face before orthodontic treatment, as well as a smile photo. But Xiaomin, a girl who took the college entrance examination this year, had an accident during the shooting, so she couldn’t take a smile photo. The doctor repeatedly guided her, her mouth was always tight, and her eyes were full of tears. The mother who accompanied her quietly told the truth to the attending physician, Professor Peng Youjian: “My daughter has never smiled since she was a child because her teeth are too irregular. She doesn’t know how to laugh.” Girls are born to love beauty and laugh. The 18-year-old girl in bloom has serious uneven teeth. She has never smiled since she was a child, and she cannot laugh. This shows that the uneven teeth have a great impact on the child’s psychological development and mental health.

Peng Youjian was worried when he mentioned this case. Misaligned teeth and jaw deformities will affect the appearance, affect the appearance of the child, also lead to poor chewing ability, difficult oral hygiene and other problems, and often affect the child’s mental health. Ordinary children may have some psychological problems such as inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence, but the extreme situation like Xiaomin is the only case that he has encountered in orthodontic work for more than 30 years. In view of the great psychological shadow of the child, Peng Youjian suggested that parents take their daughter to the mental health center for psychological counseling and treatment while the child is straightening his teeth. He also reminded parents that some dental and jaw deformities, such as flat teeth, severe buck teeth, big and small faces, etc., should be corrected as soon as possible to reduce the harm of deformity, and do not wait until the age of 12 to see a dentist. (Li Xixi)

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