People with “nodules” in the body, try to eat these 5 kinds of food as little as possible, if you don’t eat, you will win

Introduction:In recent years, the number of people suffering from nodules has increased year by year. A nodule is a certain organ of the body Unusual changes, such as thyroid nodules, develop.

The appearance of nodules means that the functions of body organs have been affected, although some nodules will not cause people to appear Life is dangerous, not enoughIf the nodules cannot be checked and treated in time, the nodules will exist for a long time and increase in size, which may affect your health.

Most nodules are benign, and the cause is bad eating habits and living habits in life , so how can we prevent nodules and control the growth of nodules? It is recommended that you eat less food that induces nodules.

About nodules, you need to know these few things

【What is a nodule? 】

Nodules are solid lesions of different natures that grow in various organs , called nodules, can be divided into benign nodules and malignant nodules.

Benign nodules often have relatively complete capsules, while malignant nodules often have unclear borders and irregular shapes , grow aggressively to the surrounding, adhere to the surrounding tissue, have low mobility, rich blood supply, and grow rapidly.

【Common What types of sarcoidosis include? 】

Common nodules include thyroid nodules, lung nodules and breast nodules, etc. .

【Are nodules contagious? 】

Nodules themselves are not contagious, if the cause, such as syphilis , tuberculosis, etc. are contagious to a certain extent, so it may cause infection.

Nodules are palpable circumscribed round, oval, or irregular Substantial skin damage. Nodules can have different clinical manifestations depending on the location of the nodules. They can be raised on the skin surface or not, and need to be detected by palpation.

A small part of the nodules can be completely absorbed without leaving any traces, and most of the nodules gradually increase in size. Ulcers may appear and ulcers may form, and scars may form after healing.

Why are nodules more and more frequent now?

The body is prone to nodules, which may be caused by personal constitution, disease and other reasons.

1. Personal constitution: Most of the causes of nodules all over the body may be their own physical problems. If the patient has a phlegm-damp constitution, the digestive function may not be very good, which will directly affect the function of the spleen and stomach, and there may be nodules on the skin.

After nodules occur, you should go to treatment immediately, usually Effectively regulate the spleen and stomach through diet therapy to prevent the occurrence of nodules.

2. Disease: If the patient suffers from Malignant tumors, including thyroid tumors and lipomas,may disrupt hormonal balance in the body through the proliferation of tumor cells.

If the patient has benign nodules, the nodules are relatively small, so don’t pay special attention. If the nodules are large, affect the appearance, cause pain or even compression symptoms, surgical resection may be considered.

People with “nodules” in the body, try to eat these 5 kinds of food as little as possible, if you don’t eat, you will win

Hot food

There are many hot foods, and they have one thing in common, that is, they are spicy and irritating. After ingestion, the body will produce a large amount of heat and capsaicin, such as leek, pepper, garlic, pepper and so on.

After these foods are absorbed, they will bring great irritation to the human body and stimulate the knot in the body The growth of nodules, so people with nodules must avoid these hot foods in normal times.

Alcoholic drinks

With the development of the times, alcohol has become a Catalyst, and my country’s wine culture has a long history, but everyone knows that drinking for a long time will cause serious damage to the liver.

In fact, drinking alcohol will not only damage the liver, but also damage blood vessels, and accelerate the growth of nodules,According to research statistics, people who drink alcohol for a long time are more than 20 times more likely to suffer from nodules, so for good health, avoid nodules I hope everyone can quit drinking as soon as possible.

Supplementary food

Some middle-aged and elderly people like to eat some nutritious food, thinking that it can nourish the body. In addition, there are more and more publicity on nourishing health products in the market and businesses , so it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

However, some irregular health care products on the market may contain a large amount of estrogen. For people with nodules, excessive intake of estrogenwill lead to hormonal disorders, which will aggravate the nodule problem.

High cholesterol foods

Many foods usually contain very high cholesterol, such as eggs The egg yolk, pork liver, duck blood, etc. all contain a lot of cholesterol.This kind of food not only does not help to dissipate the nodules, but also easily causes other diseases.

If you eat too much high-cholesterol food, it is very likely to cause blood vessel blockage, It also stimulates the nodules, making them grow faster.

Iodine-containing foods

When you have thyroid nodules, you cannot eat foods with high iodine content,Because iodine is entering human body withAfterwards, it will provide nutrients to the thyroid nodules, causing the nodules to grow rapidly, which is not conducive to their own health.

Therefore, people cannot eat seaweed, seaweed, kelp and other foods at home, because the iodine content in them Super high, eating is not good for your health.

Conclusion Which foods are better for patients with chronic diseases?

People with nodulescan eat more soy products, lettuce, kiwi fruit, and purslane Waiting for food, can have the effect of dispelling stagnation, the specific introduction is as follows:

1. Soy products: The reason for nodules in the body may be caused by inflammation or tumor stimulation, and it is also related to excessive mental stress.

For people with nodules, they can often eat soy products span>, such as soy milk, tofu, etc., which contain high protein content, can provide the nutrients needed by the body, can also improve resistance, and can also play a role in dispelling stagnation.

2. Lettuce: Under normal circumstances , Eating more lettuce is a good choice for women with breast diseases. Lettuce is a frequent visitor, and green vegetables are rich in nutrition. Contains vitamins and a variety of trace elements, which helps to relieve breast pain, promote breast hyperplasia, and make breasts healthier .

3. Kiwi : Kiwi fruit has the effect of reducing swelling and dissipating stagnation, patients with nodules can often eat kiwi fruit, not only can supplement vitamins and trace elements, but also relieve the phenomenon of nodules and achieve anti-oxidation Anticancer effect.

4. Purslane: purslane Jian is a kind of food with the same source of medicine and food. It has certain anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, diuretic and swelling effects. Regular consumption can help relieve thyroid nodules The disease of festival is bitter, so purslane is also known as the natural loose material.

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