What to do if the glans is sensitive?

The glans is a man’s erogenous area, which is related to the length of your ejaculation. If your glans is very sensitive, then your intercourse time will be affected, such as “Touch and go”.

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【What are the main causes of glans sensitivity ? 】

Excessive prepuce

In normal times, the mucous membrane of the glans is hidden under the foreskin, and the stimulation received is less, so It will cause the nerves of the glans mucous membrane to be too sensitive, and the glans will be exposed after erection during sexual life.

When the glans and vagina are in contact with friction and stimulation, it will appear because the glans mucosal nerves are too sensitive The phenomenon of premature ejaculation further causes premature ejaculation.

Urinary Inflammation

If you suffer from If you have prostatitis, the glans will be severely stimulated, causing hyperemia and allergies. When you have sexual impulses, you will not be able to control yourself, and you will soon have ejaculation.

So in general, male friends with prostate are likely to be accompanied by symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Congenital glans sensitivity

In general, There are two dorsal nerve branches of the penis, but there are as many as 8-9 male friends with primary intractable premature ejaculation.

When too many nerves are distributed in the coronal groove of the glans penis, there will be oversensitivity to sexual stimulation The phenomenon of premature ejaculation occurs immediately after entering the vagina, and the symptoms are quite serious.


【What to do if the glans is sensitive? 】

Desensitization training

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Clean the glans carefully, try to rinse the glans alternately with hot and cold water. Washing for three minutes every day and stretching the entire penis and testicles to promote blood flow is beneficial to your health.

At the same time, you can alternately stimulate your entire perineum with hot and cold water, so as to improve the skin and blood vessels The contraction and expansion further achieve the possibility of desensitization.

Sleep naked

Sleeping at night is actually lowering the glans The best time to be sensitive, after all naked, Ding Ding will get an erection while falling asleep, and then exercise in sleep. At the same time, men sleeping naked at night can also smooth the blood circulation of the reproductive system and protect the kidneys.

Distraction< /strong>

When you have sex, you are generally more involved. If you can’t help but pay attention to the sensitivity of the glans, and the body will involuntarily twist to increase the pleasure of the glans, then you need to distract.

Look at the ceiling during sex, look around your bedroom, or think about your first date with your partner The scene is a good choice.


For male friends with foreskin and phimosis, need Let the little brother show his head through the circumcision operation, and experience more ups and downs outside. After a certain amount of friction, he may not be so shy and sensitive.

Communicate more between husband and wife

Treating sensitive glans, Be confident and overcome psychological problems. Not just men, but women too. Because sometimes if the woman dislikes the man’s premature ejaculation and says some sarcastic language, it may increase the psychological pressure of the man, and the next time the performance may be more timid, or even worse.

More encouragement and more understanding. To create a comfortable and warm environment will help both parties relax.

Enhance physical fitness

Generally, people who have long-term sex time pay attention to physical strength, and outdoor high-intensity exercise no less than twice a week is the best way. Nutritional supplements cannot be ignored.

Generally, people who have long-term sex time pay attention to physical strength, no less than two days a week High-intensity exercise in outdoor sports is the best way, and at the same time, nutritional supplements should not be ignored.