What should I do if a lumbar disc herniation is detected? Stick to 5 small movements every day, or you will get better slowly

Introduction: Busy all day, back pain…… Is this your daily life? With fast-paced lifestyle and bad living habits, the incidence of lumbar spondylosis is increasing year by year. According to statistics, the number of patients with lumbar disc herniation in my country has reached 200 million, and the incidence rate is second only to colds.

More than that, although many people have not yet developed lumbar disc herniation, they still have back pain But almost everyone has the symptoms! The strange thing is that people generally think that back pain is nothing serious, but as long as they have been diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation, they are very anxious to go to the hospital for surgery.

Actually, in the face of lumbar spine problems, the best doctor is yourself, Persisting in 5 small movements can easily prevent and treat lumbar disc herniation, let’s learn more about it together.

If a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc is detected, what should I do?

If you suffer from lumbar disc herniation, you can treat it according to the severity of the symptoms. The specific analysis is as follows:< /span>

1. ForFor mild symptoms, patients with a short course of diseaseThe first choice is non-surgical treatment, including life management, physical therapy, drug therapy, etc. to relieve symptoms.

Second, For severe symptomsPatients who are not cured by non-surgical therapy and whose condition is getting worse,can be treated with surgery, including spinal cord Microscopic nucleus pulposus, hemilaminectomy, total laminectomy, etc.

Adhere to 5 small movements every day, or you will gradually get better

The first movement is: abdominal movement

When the disease of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation strikes suddenly, the common manifestation is waist pain, span>If you want to relieve it, you can do abdominal lifting properly.

Abdominal movements have certain requirements on the strength of the waist muscles, try it at the beginning, The body can adapt, gradually increase the strength, and persist for a longer time. Through the correct implementation of this action, the strength of the waist muscles can be strengthened, and the local ligaments can be exercised while stretching the muscles. With strong muscles as protection,< strong>can help relieve pain by significantly reducing the number of injuries in your life.

The second movement is: waist rotation movement

When lumbar disc herniation occurs, it is necessary to avoid movements with high exercise intensity, because these movements will Direct damage to the waist, and will increase the local joint burden.

If you want to exercise, you can do a proper waist rotation , that is, put your hands on your hips, prepare for the movement, and rotate the waist clockwise or counterclockwise. When rotating, you need to pay attention to the movement from fast to slow, and the range from small to large, so that it is not easy to damage the waist.

The third movement is: yoga boat pose

Many people start blood circulation You can’t do this, but you can start from the semi-open pose. This pose can keep the muscles related to the spine strong.It can also strengthen the paraspinal muscles of the waist It is a very good exercise for the lumbar spine.

No. 4 The action is: straight leg raising action

Take a supine position and lie on the bed, then place your hands Press it under your hips, and then slowly lift your lower limbs, you cankeep the knees slightly bent, and then slowly Put it down, keep doing it like this, repeat 15 times, and insist on exercising like this every day, it will have a very good effect on the treatment of lumbar disc herniation.

< span>The fifth movement is: prone to stand up exercise

prone Standing up can also be used as a common exercise for patients with lumbar protrusion, because prone standing up can effectively promote the patient’s local blood circulation, and during the exercise, the muscle strength of the patient’s lower back will also be improved.

This action is mainly to keep the upper body straight upward when the patient is prone, Generally, it is enough to hold each movement for about half a minute.After the patient persists in this movement for a period of time, the compression of the local nerves and tissues due to the lumbar protrusion can be relieved Improved.

Conclusion: That’s all for today’s editor’s sharing, I hope this article can help some people in health People who are confused in this regard can help, of course, you can also share in the comment area, thank you for your reading and long-term support!