People with bad liver can’t eat noodles? Gastroenterologist: To nourish the liver and protect the liver, it is recommended to stay away from 7 kinds of food

The liver is the largest detoxification and detoxification organ in the body. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is believed to govern catharsis. relation.

In fact, in addition to detoxification and detoxification of the liver,The liver is also a part of the body The largest digestive organ not only participates in the synthesis, transformation and decomposition of proteins, lipids, sugars, vitamins and other substances, but also participates in the transformation and detoxification of substances such as hormones and drugs.

The liver also contains iron, copper, folic acid and other hematopoietic factors, which can indirectly participate in hematopoiesis.

But there is no pain nerve on the liver , When the liver is damaged, it is not easy to be noticed. In recent years, the prevalence of liver cancer has been increasing.According to relevant statistics, 350 million people in the world suffer from liver disease. More than 1 million people die from liver disease every year.

Because the liver has a lot to do with digestion, many people say they want to nourish the liver For the liver, we should pay more attention to diet. If we eat noodles often, it will promote the occurrence of liver disease. Is there any scientific basis for this statement?


People with bad liver can’t eat noodles?

The main component of noodles is carbohydrates, which is a high-calorie food. 100 grams of fresh noodles will contain 348 calories, if you eat noodles often, it will increase your body’s calorie content.

Many people think that eating too much noodles will cause body fat accumulation, increase the burden on the liver, and easily induce the risk of liver disease. If you eat too much noodles If not, it will indeed affect the normal digestion and absorption, and it may also increase the accumulation of fat.

However, if you pay attention to your intake, generally There is no problem, because noodles are relatively easy to digest and absorb, and when we eat noodles, we can add many ingredients, such as eggs, meat, and vegetables, which can make the nutrition richer and more Good for the health of the body.

So for patients with liver disease, they can eat noodles appropriately.


Gastroenterologist: To nourish the liver and protect the liver, it is recommended to stay away from 7 kinds of food

1. Long-soaked fungus

Agaric fungus belongs to the mushroom category, and its nutritional value is relatively high, but it needs to be soaked in water before eating. Soak it one night and take it out the next day.But the fungus is prone to produce rice yeast acid after soaking for more than two hours. Eating such fungus can easily cause food poisoning.

Moreover, soaking fungus for a long time will produce some bacteria and viruses, as well as aflatoxin, which is harmful to the liver The damage is extremely serious, easy to induce liver cancer.

2. Germinated potatoes< /strong>

Sprouted potatoes contain a toxic substance solanine, which can cause great damage to the liver and produce Very strong side effects, resulting in decreased liver function, mainly manifested as yellowing of the skin and damage to liver cells, which has a great impact on the body.

3. Sweet potatoes with black spots

Winter is the season to eat sweet potatoes. If the sweet potatoes are not stored properly, they will also become moldy and deteriorate. Especially if there are black spots on the sweet potatoes, or the sweet potatoes have a bitter taste< /strong>, I don’t want to eat it anymore, it means that this kind of sweet potato has been infected with aflatoxin. We have mentioned above that aflatoxin can seriously damage the liver and easily induce liver cancer.

4, ice cream

The main ingredient in ice cream is the higher the content of cream, the better the flavor of the ice cream.

However, most of the ice cream uses vegetable cream, which is made by hydrogenating vegetable oil with water. During the process, a large amount of trans fatty acids will be produced.

This kind of cream will not be metabolized by the human body immediately after eating, it will accumulate in the body for a long time, and it is easy to induce fat Liver, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

5. Pickles

Many rural families will pickle vegetables and save them for winter when they are on the market. Although pickled food is more convenient and delicious, it will produce a lot of > Nitrite, after adding nitrate into the body, it will react with amines to form nitrosamines.

Nitrosamines are a Level carcinogens are toxic to liver cells. If you often eat pickled vegetables, it will increase the risk of liver cell cancer and damage liver function.

6. Sugarcane

< span>Sugarcane is the main raw material of sucrose. The sugar in sugarcane is very easy to digest and absorb. If you eat a lot of it, it will cause the accumulation of sugar in the body, and the excess sugar in the body will easily be converted into fat. Not only will it increase The burden on the liver can also stimulate nerve function damage, cause blood pressure to increase, and stimulate liver function.

7. BBQ

Barbecue is also a kind of delicacy that is more popular now, but grilled food is also very serious for liver damage, becausethe smoke released during the grilling process contains first-class carcinogens Benzopyrene.

Benzopyrene has been listed by the World Health Organization as a primary carcinogen, which is harmful to humans Carcinogenicity is mainly caused by the burning of fat and high temperature. In addition, it will also produce heterocyclic amines,heterocyclic amines are also teratogenic and carcinogenic The effect, especially the charred part, contains heterocyclic amines.


If you want to nourish your liver and protect your liver, you can eat more of these 3 kinds of food

1. Green leafy vegetables

Eating more green leafy vegetables has a protective effect on the liver , From the perspective of Chinese medicine, green enters the liver, and the liver likes green food, such as broccoli, spinach, bitter melon, etc., which can promote metabolism and help the liver detoxify, and bitter melon has the effect of reducing liver fire.

2. Soy and soy products

LargeBeans are rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B, moderate fat and a small amount of carbohydrates, which are very helpful for liver repair.

3、 Seafood

Seafood also helps to enhance immune function, helps repair damaged liver cells, such as Hairtail, Spanish mackerel, crab, etc., but must be fully cooked when cooking, if you are allergic to seafood, you should avoid eating it.