Life expectancy rankings of the four major blood types: Type B ranks second with an average age of 77. Which one is the first?

Our blood type has been determined when we were just born, and the gap between different blood types is still relatively large, so researchers have never given up on Blood type research, such as personality, health, emotional aspects and so on.

At present, our common blood types are the four major blood types, which are A type, B type, AB type and O type. There is a relatively rare blood type “rh negative blood”, also known as panda blood.

Because type O blood is resistant among the four major blood types Blood strength is relatively good, so many people think that type O blood should be the blood type with the longest life span, so what is the life expectancy of different blood types? Let’s take a look together!


The life expectancy rankings of the four major blood types: the average age of type B is 77 years old, ranking second, which one is the first?

First place: Type O blood

Type O blood is called the universal blood type. In fact, this is only theoretically possible in emergency situations, but under normal circumstances, it is recommended that everyone transfuse blood of the same blood type .

O blood type has both A antibody and B antibody, People with O blood type have relatively strong resistance< /strong>In daily life, people with O blood type are less likely to catch a cold and have a fever, and rarely suffer from illnesses like other blood types.

People with blood type O have relatively longer life expectancy , The average life expectancy is about 85 to 87 years old, but people with O blood type also have some small disadvantages, such as people with O blood type are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, and people with O blood type also have Lung infections are prone to occur, and mosquitoes are more likely to attract in summer, so people with O blood type must take precautions in advance.

Second place: Type B blood

The average life expectancy of people with blood type B is about 77 years old, because the digestive system of people with blood type B is better The body provides nutrients in time to ensure the normal operation of the body.

B blood type hormone secretion and metabolic rate are relatively strong, which helps to reduce waste toxins in Accumulate in tissues such as brain nerves, cells, intestines and stomach, and blood vessel walls, and expel these harmful substances from the body in time.

However, people with blood type B have a very high obesity rate Yes, If the obesity rate is high, it is easy to cause three high diseases, so people with blood type B should eat more foods rich in dietary fiber to avoid fat accumulation.

Third place: Type AB blood

Type AB blood is the latest blood type found among the four major blood types.Compared with other blood types, the proportion of people with type AB blood is the least. Only accounted for 9%. This blood type combines the advantages and disadvantages of type A blood and type B blood. Generally speaking, the physical fitness is relatively good.

The average life expectancy of people with AB blood type is about 70 years old, which belongs to a relatively high level. People with Ab blood type are prone to emotional fluctuations, so they must adjust their emotions in time and communicate with family and friends in time, which is more conducive to their health.

< span>Fourth place: Type A blood

People with type A blood have a relatively high blood concentration, And with the increase of age, the health problems of blood vessels are more and more threatened. People with blood type A must pay attention to the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular in normal times, especially eat less greasy food in normal times, maintain Light diet.

The average life expectancy of people with blood type A is 62 years, one of the four The lowest blood type, so people with blood type A must be vigilant and do a good job of maintenance.

Although blood type will affect life expectancy, this is only one aspect. There are many factors that affect life expectancy. If you want to live longer, you need to start from many aspects.


< strong>If you want to live longer, you need to do these things

Regular diet

First of all, we must ensure a regular diet. Only by mastering scientific eating habits can we ensure the nutrition needed by the human body, which is more conducive to improving the immune system. Disease ability, especially after entering middle age, Metabolism rate gradually declines, everyone must pay attention to a light diet to avoid the problem of three highs.

Regular schedule

Many people now often stay up late and suffer from severe lack of sleep, which can easily cause serious problems to the body, especially when the liver is active between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning< /strong>If you don’t sleep at this time, it will increase the burden on the liver and affect the body’s detoxification and detoxification, so you’d better go to bed before 11 o’clock and ensure enough sleep for about 8 hours a day.

Keep moving

No matter what age you are, proper exercise can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and improve physical fitness. Guarantee 30 minutes a day Aerobic exercise for about 10 minutes, and insist on exercising 4-5 times a week, can achieve twice the result with half the effort, but for elderly friends, we must pay attention to the intensity of exercise, and don’t rush for success, otherwise it is easy to damage the joints .

Keep an optimistic attitude

< span>Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude at all times. If you are in an anxious and irritable mood for a long time, norepinephrine, adrenaline and other stress hormones in the body will be released.Long-term accumulation will easily induce high Blood pressure causes arteriosclerosis.

In the state of brain excitement,It will secrete more dopamine, which can coordinate the operation of various organ systems in the body and contribute to longevity.