People who are over fifty don’t see it through, and the meaning of coming to the world is nothing more than these “six words”



People, whether they are poor or rich, live for such a purpose in their life – to seek the meaning of life.

Plato gave such a point of view in “Utopia”-“Cave metaphor” .

In Plato’s view, there is a group of people who have been living in caves for generations. They are bound by countless shackles, and they can’t even turn back. But,These people are struggling all the time just to be able to get out.

Suddenly one day, a man got rid of the shackles, looked back, and saw the light from the cave. So,he came out of the cave, and finally saw the vastness of the world.

In order to let the people around him know the vastness of the world, he went back to the cave and took everything he saw, Tell everyone around you.

Plato gave his own opinion, life is actually a death practice, but why do human beings give up fighting because they are destined to die ?

Every generation of human beings will eventually return. But they were born to explore the light of life. The reason to explore is not for material things, but for a kind of inner satisfaction.

Actually, the meaning of coming to the world is nothing more than that.


After talking with a post-70s for two hours, I discovered the meaning of life, but these six words.

Old Wu is a writer, and he has been fond of writing since he was a child. Therefore, he usually has nothing to do, but he loves to read, and he insists on writing. He has published two or three prose books, and he is very diligent.

Once I was chatting with Lao Wu, I asked him a question: “I have been dealing with words for more than ten or twenty years, what do you think? How did the process bring you?”

Old Wu replied to me: “I can’t really say what I feel, I just think the process is very meaningful.”

I asked him suspiciously : “What’s the point?”

He responded:“I think everyone Everyone who came to this world has his mission. Some people are suitable to record their lives with words, some people are suitable to do business to make money, some people are suitable to be doctors, and I am suitable to deal with words, and spend this time in the way I like. For a lifetime, this is the greatest value I perceive.”

“What’s more, life is short For decades, if you don’t do something, don’t leave any traces to the world, and don’t leave any traces of your own years, then life will be quite regrettable.”

I nodded in agreement, and then asked: “If you can sum it up in six words, what value do you think life has?”

Old Wu resolutely said:“Prove that I have been here.”


The meaning of coming to the world is just to “prove that I have been here”.

From a macro point of view, the final result of life is nothing. No matter how rich we are, how powerful we are, or how powerful we are, we cannot escape the final destination of “life and death”.

It is not up to us to decide when we came to this world and what family we were born in. When we leave this world is beyond our control.

The only thing we can do is to do something meaningful to ourselves in the decades of our lives If you meet different people, see different scenery, and fulfill your original responsibilities, then you will have no regrets.

For example, Lao Wu, he likes to deal with words, likes to use words to record his thoughts, to give the world Leave your mark. This is his way of life.

For example, some entrepreneurs, they start a business for the ideal in their hearts, even if they live a life that is harder than working, they are still happy. Never complain. In their view,Even if the career will dissipate, if you don’t try it while you are alive, you will be sorry for yourself.

Even the daily toil of migrant workers, they struggle for three meals a day, so they travel far and wide and leave their homes. Maybe,They also left their footprints in the streets and alleys.

They all prove to the world that I have been here.


Speaking of this, I think of this sentence:“No matter how small a creature is, it will show its brilliance to the world at a certain moment. Maybe these lights are too faint to be known, but they have already realized their value.”

Every ordinary person is special ordinary. Therefore, some people will tell themselves that life is meaningless, life is worthless, how we live, and what greets us is death.

This kind of concept is correct from the perspective of grand life. However, for us who live in the moment,life is originally meaningless, but we can give life some meaning.

Some people like to “see the world”, so he travels everywhere, around the world,< strong>I have come into contact with different humanities and customs, and seen different life scenes.

Some people like to immerse themselves in the world of “reading”, so they often read and regard books as their friends,< /span>The profound thought is that they give themselves the greatest meaning.

Some people like to give and give to those around them, so they always help others,< strong>If you are poor, you will benefit yourself alone; if you are rich, you will benefit the world. This is also the meaning they give to their lives.

If you don’t give meaning to life, it doesn’t have meaning. And if we give life some meaning, it becomes radiant.

The so-called“The day is not everywhere, youth just comes. Moss flowers are as small as rice, and “Learn how peony blooms”This is the truth.

I hope that you and I can be like moss flowers, even if they are small, we can be as proud and blooming like peonies. Even if the time is short, we must prove to the world that “I have been here”.

Text/Deer in Shushan