It turns out that if these “three people and three things” appear around you, you will have more luck in the coming year

There is a poem in the ancients: “Since ancient times, people have hoped that year after year.”< /span>

You can see the change of day and night in one day, the various forms of the world in one month, and the four seasons in a year. Time flies by, spring and summer gradually dissipate, and late autumn is gone, only the cold winter hits.

The arrival of cold winter proves that the end of the year is approaching and the coming year is approaching. After going through this year, I believe everyone has mixed feelings, both their own joy and their own sadness. More importantly, your expectations for the future.

No matter what you have experienced, it has become history, and it is useless to regret it. Only by grasping the present and cherishing the future can the days become more and more nourishing.

Life is never a smooth road, but a land of thorns. Everyone needs to grope forward among the thorns, even if they are stabbed all over, they should continue to persevere.

This year 2022 may not be very good for people. However,Everything in the past is a prologue. Perhaps, in 2023, which is coming soon, there will be a new beginning.

If the coming year goes well, the signs are obvious. These three people and three things come to you, proving that your coming year will not be bad.

If the coming year goes well, you will meet noble people.

1. Meet a “Bole” who appreciates you.

If a person wants to make a fortune, what else can he do except rely on his own efforts? The key is to meet Bole who appreciates him.

The more the environment is not good, the more important the noble person is. The gap between being accompanied by a noble person and not being accompanied by a noble person is not only a little bit, but some gaps may not be made up for a lifetime.

In the workplace, if you meet a boss who appreciates us, you can basically skyrocket; If we support someone with predestined relationship, then our career path will be smoother.

There are countless ordinary people who are actually Maxima. The reason why they can’t show their talents is because they can’t meet noble people. In general,When you meet Bole, you will have no worries in the coming year.

Second, with ” The family” relationship is getting better and better.

As people get older, the more they experience, the more important they feel the “family”.

In the past, we all thought that family members were bad, and outsiders were good. When we are unlucky, we suddenly realize that only our relatives are always by our side, and the so-called outsiders have already pretended not to know us.

What is the greatest happiness in a person’s life? It’s not about being rich and powerful, nor about living in a bungalow, but about getting better and better with your family and making your family more harmonious.

The sons and daughters are filial, the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, the parents are healthy, and the family is neat. In this way, it is the real“smell of fireworks in the world”, which is the most soothing to the hearts of ordinary people.

Third, lucky to go abroad Encounter “old knowledge”.

The ancients said that there are three great happy events in life, the first is when the gold list is named, the second is the wedding night in the bridal chamber, and the third is meeting an old acquaintance in a foreign land.

The title of the gold list is about career; the bridal chamber is about love and marriage; Occasionally meet a confidant and an old friend, and gain sincere feelings.

I have been traveling outside for many years, and I have a lot of friends around me, but not everyone has true feelings. There are countless friends who are actually passers-by in our lives, meaningless at all.

Only those“two or three confidantes” , understand our minds, know our difficulties, and help us at critical times. If you can meet your bosom friend, you will live and die without regret.

If the coming year goes well, three things will happen.

1. Be calm, neither fight nor force.

We who survived 2022 will all feel the insignificance of individuals and the unpredictability of the world. No one knows when good luck will come, just as no one knows when bad luck will come.

Since life has become increasingly unpredictable, our hearts should also become “calm”. For all people and things, don’t be too attached, just take it lightly.

For career, you might as well do your best; for life, you might as well go all out; for life, you might as well have a clear conscience. People, as long as you try your best, then the follow-up results, I believe fate will have the best arrangement

Leave the process to yourself and the result to God. So, well.

Second, the body is worry-free and healthy exist.

Compared with money and fame, the word “health” is extremely important.

The so-called “If you keep the green hills, you don’t have to worry about no firewood.”Money If it’s gone, but the body is still there, then we still have a chance to make a comeback. And if the health is not good, no matter how much money there is, it is meaningless.

Winter is approaching, and those who can maintain “health” in it are the real winners. It doesn’t necessarily mean how much money you earn or how many houses you own to be considered successful.

You know, today, if you don’t suffer from physical illness and have a particularly positive attitude, you are basically superior to others. Because there are countless people who have suffered a lot in terms of “health”.

Third, a little money, a stable life.

In the past, I always heard old people say this:“People Now, if you can eat well, dress warmly, sleep comfortably, and have an appetite for three meals a day, then life will be better.”

I didn’t understand it at the time, and I always thought that the old man had no enterprising spirit and his requirements were too low. It was only later discovered that people who can do these things are already very good.

There is not only a stable residence, but also a lot of money, so that you can survive the winter safely. So, what else is there to ask for?

The pursuit of ordinary people is actually very simple. There are no obstacles in the four things of “basic clothing, food, housing and transportation”, and they live a stable and smooth life. It heralds the “good luck” for the rest of your life.

Text/Deer in Shushan