People spend four money, bad fortune: spending money in these places is not a wise choice

Wealth is like the flow of a river, or it flows faster and faster , accumulate more and more, or be gradually evaporated, less and less.

A rich man has accumulated tens of millions of yuan, but he is not satisfied. Seeing that others have hundreds of millions, so he I just want to use the tens of millions of yuan as leverage to leverage more wealth.

If he is lucky, I believe he can get what he wants and become a billionaire directly. However, he was just unlucky and went bankrupt directly, and the money he had accumulated for many years disappeared in smoke.

Luck of wealth is hard to say. It makes you tens of millions, that is its blessing for you. Of course, you think that the money is earned by your own ability, so if you increase leverage blindly, you will easily be unlucky.

The money you should earn, you will definitely be able to pocket it. It is useless no matter how much you invest in the money you should not earn.

For those who have some assets,Do things carefully and be careful , only then can we maintain normal wealth luck. Otherwise, the fortune of wealth will “decrease day by day, approaching nothing”.

If a person spends four dollars, his fortune will be bad. If you always like to waste money in these places, then your fortune will be bad.

1. Spend money on good friends ,not worth it.

There is a kind of person who seems to be a friend, but is actually a greedy stranger.

You make a lot of money, these people come to you, not only say good things to you, but also hug your thigh, think You are his idol. These hypocritical words are said a lot, and you will believe them.

When you have nothing to do, you will go out to eat with these people, or participate in the drinking party. They naturally like the “generous” you.

Imagine, you can eat for free, you can also hug your thigh, and even treat you as a free cash machine, who wouldn’t like it How about making friends with you?

The more you are at this time, the more rational you have to be. The purpose of Hupenggouyou coming to you is not to treat you well, but you have everything he needs in you, so he is just “acting on the spot”.

Never spend your money on them. First, it’s not worth it, and second, your generosity will only inspire their greed, and you will lose more than you gain in the end.

Second, give money to those who don’t know how to be grateful People, it doesn’t make sense.

In this environment that emphasizes “humanity”, one thing people often encounter is “borrowing money “Things.

When some relatives learned that you made a lot of money, they gradually approached you and asked you to “borrow money”. Faced with requests from relatives, you are particularly entangled, whether to lend them money or not to lend them money?

When you hesitated, your relatives played the “family card” to kidnap you morally. You have no choice but to obediently agree to this.

Who knows, these relatives will not pay back the money after borrowing money, and they will use this to blackmail you and ask you to continue borrowing before they pay back money. At the same time, when you go to collect debts, these relatives even say that you have no conscience, and you don’t help poor relatives if you have money…

< span> This is the so-called “laughing people have nothing, hate people have”. When you have no money, they will laugh at you. When you have money, others will take it for granted that you lend them money.

For these people, it is better for you and me not to be polite. Dealing with people who don’t understand gratitude, no matter how much money you invest, there is no return and meaningless.

Third, don’t spend money on” Luxurious and lustful” these things.

Zeng Guofan put forward a point of view,People should be diligent and thrifty as the principle. Everything in the world is defeated by one word, that is “laziness”.

Rich people, if they live a life of extravagance and extravagance, and lack the concept of thrift, then they will be far from “defeated” Not far away. Either the first generation will lose, or the rich will not last for two generations.

A few years ago, I saw a rich second generation who spent money on “enjoying” these things every day, and I also Lack of knowledge and skill, and no ability to keep wealth at all, then he basically spends money like water.

With an extremely chaotic private life, he not only owed a lot of love debts, but also emptied his body. Two years later, his parents died prematurely, and he, who grew up in the greenhouse, spent all his family property within a year.

Wealth luck is most taboo to be associated with the four words “extravagant and lustful”. Because of these four points, most of them are filled with the atmosphere of “decay”, which cannot make people last for a long time.

So, whether you are the first generation or the second generation rich, you should be more thrifty. After all, if you don’t cherish money, money will eventually leave you.

Fourth, don’t spend money on yourself in unfamiliar fields.

There is such a saying in Jianghu,Don’t make money that “crosses the line”.

The transgression here has two meanings, either beyond personal principles or beyond personal cognition ability.

Generally speaking, “cross-border” behaviors are risky, ranging from losing money to making people ” People and wealth are empty.” You know,Earning your own money is the long-term solution.

Many people are dissatisfied. When you run into a wall and encounter risks, it is easy to “go back to before liberation overnight”.

For ordinary people, don’t take risks to make money “beyond cognition”, and don’t believe in anything , The saying that a bicycle becomes a motorcycle.

Just imagine, if money is so easy to earn, wouldn’t there be no poor people in the world? Everything, nothing more.

Text/Deer in Shushan