ice and fire

A long illness becomes a doctor. In a person’s life, no one can guarantee that he will not get sick, no matter whether it is a serious illness or a minor illness. When you are sick, you need to be treated, and when you are cured, you need to ask a doctor. But if you ask too many people, you will inevitably get upset, so you think it’s better to try to cure yourself. If you cure too much, you will become a doctor, at least half a bottle of vinegar, even if a bottle is not full, half a bottle can still dangle. Therefore, most families now have a small medicine box, which stores some commonly used medicines. When you have a headache, you can find some medicine from it and take it, and the illness will be cured.

The little medicine cabinet in my house is extraordinarily full. Especially since I got a serious illness, my wife went to buy medicines, and he bought a lot of them, so that he became the most popular person in the pharmacy. I must inform my wife to participate in any promotional activities in the pharmacy, and occasionally I will get some small gifts. As a result, the small medicine box in my home is a bit “overcrowded with medicines”. There are all kinds of colorful pills and capsules. It has become a treasure chest.

Of course this is a joke. With the small medicine chest, though, the convenience is real. If you catch a cold, find a few cold capsules; if you get angry, take a few Sanhuang tablets; if you have a stuffy nose, take a few drops of Rhinitis Tong; , Save the trouble of asking a doctor for medicine. However, there is a prerequisite for this, that is, it can only deal with minor disasters and diseases, and it is far from enough for miscellaneous diseases, and even a little more complicated ones will be stumped.

For example, recently I have been a little bit angry, with chapped lips, sore throat, yellow urine, and dry stool. After the surgery, the doctor kept telling me not to let the stool dry out, so I found Sanhuang Tablets for clearing heat and detoxifying from the small medicine box, and took it several times in a row. There was a faint pain. In the end, should we continue to take medicines for disinfection and fire, or should we take medicines for dispelling cold and tonifying heat? These two medicines have opposite properties, one is cold and the other is hot, so you can’t take the two together, right? Just like the current new crown pneumonia, active prevention and control has cut off many people’s money, and their lives are unsustainable; if they are completely released, they are afraid that the epidemic will spread, and it may even take lives. The same is true of my illness, which is a combination of ice and fire. I called my doctor friend, and the doctor friend just joked with me: “You are not the same as a good person when you get sick.” There seems to be no good way. In the end, I still make up my own mind: the lesser of two evils, dryness and internal heat should be cured first; as for diarrhea and the like, isn’t it just stomach upset? Anyway, if there is no danger of life, just have diarrhea.

Maybe it’s because my stomach knows that I’m sorry for the master when I’m angry, and it dies down after a few times. Having regained his health, I am now a wholesome and strong man again.