It used to be used to build a house, but now it costs 20 yuan per catty. Some people make a fortune by digging its roots. Why?

“In August and autumn, the high wind howls, and the triple thatch on my house” is believed to be familiar to everyone. It comes from Du Fu’s “Song of the Thatched House Broken by the Autumn Wind” in the Tang Dynasty. have no choice. However, the thatch on thatched huts, this weed that can be seen everywhere in the countryside, now costs 20 yuan per catty. If Du Fu knew that thatch was so valuable at that time, he would have been very happy. The main reason is that the value is too rich up.

Into thatch

Everyone must know a little about thatch, But in fact, thatch has a lot of knowledge. Thatch is a natural plant that usually grows on barren land. It has a long life span, generally more than 6 years, and it also has strong corrosion resistance.

The value of thatch is very rich, it is a seasonal natural material, in rural areas Many families use thatch for cooking, and the burning effect is very good. Every autumn, many people will organize a group to harvest thatch, and expose it to the sun to dry the water in it. And the thatch itself has such a function, which is the appearance of the “thatched house”, but now the price of natural thatch is even more expensive than artificial thatch, so the thatch on some cultural landscape buildings is fake. It is synthetic.

In the eyes of many farmers, wild thatch is the same as harmful grass, because thatch The growth rate is very fast, and it grows in patches, and some will grow in rice fields, which affects the growth of other crops, so they will be harvested in patches. And there are tender flower buds in the newly grown thatch, which are edible, sweet and crisp.

I remember when I was young, everyone had nothing to do, so they went to the fields to play, and then looked for fresh thatch Flower buds, tender flower buds that eat thatch grass, are very sweet, we call them thatch needles. The rhizome of thatch is also edible. After washing, squeeze out the sweet water inside, which is very thirst-quenching.

In addition, thatch is also a kind of Chinese medicinal material, which is listed in “Compendium of Materia Medica” It has been recorded that chrysanthemum root has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. The ancients also used chrysanthemum root to make tea, and the taste is also very good.

Why has the price of thatch increased?

It is inevitable that the price of thatch will increase. From the past when no one cares about it to the current value development, the value of thatch has also become 20 yuan per catty. Many pharmaceutical companies now go to the countryside to purchase wild thatch grass, and use thatch grass as a raw material to make various folk customs, to build thatched cottages, and so on.

At the same time, it is best to buy fresh thatch, so the cost of transportation will be high. If it grows long, the thatch will dry up and lose itsIf part of the value is lost, freight and labor costs must be included in it, which is one of the reasons for the price increase of thatch. In addition, thatch also has a certain decorative effect. Many businesses and parks use thatch to decorate houses and the like.

If you are interested in thatch and want to make money by planting thatch, you must Know the growth habit of thatch. Thatch is a light-loving plant, so when planting, it should be planted in a place that can receive sunlight, and it should be watered more. The growth and reproduction of thatch are fast, and it is not easy to “die”. Farmers made a fortune by selling it. The most important thing is the root of thatch, that is, the root of the coriander, which is also a very good medicinal material. It is also very expensive in the market, and it serves multiple purposes.

Seeing this, I think everyone has a general understanding of ordinary thatch, and no longer think that it is just a simple harmful weed. In fact, the value of thatch is still very high. High, we usually learn more about plants, maybe sometimes we can find a way to make a fortune.