People get fat in middle age, the reason is not slow metabolism, do not want to become greasy, people after 40 years old look more

After the age of 40, many people will find changes in their bodies. Some people gain weight more obviously, and the whole person may look older. People in good shape look so youthful and energetic.

What is even more unacceptable is that after getting fat, people are always said to be greasy, which is very difficult to accept, whether it is Whether a man or a woman, in today’s era, they both want to be praised as young, and they don’t want to be old, let alone be called greasy.

As for gaining weight after middle age, most people will say that it is a slow metabolism. In fact, gaining weight in middle age may not be due to slow metabolism. It may be that these behaviors are causing your body management to fail.

Why do you say that getting fat in middle age is not a slow metabolism?

There is a study to give the answer, this study summarizes the data of 29 countries , found that from birth to old age, the metabolic rate of the human body, from 20 years old to 60 years old , they are all in a stable state, which means that the metabolic rate has not changed since adulthood. Pot, metabolism can’t be carried back.

Although with age, the human bodyfunction There will be some degeneration, but does not mean that the metabolism will definitely decreaseHowever, the fact that one’s own metabolism will not degrade does not mean that it will not be affected by other influences, which will increase the burden on metabolism, continuously damage metabolic functions, and lead to metabolic disorders, and problems will easily occur.

In summary, the root cause of middle-aged weight gain is not the slowing down of metabolism, but whether some daily behaviors have changed the state of the body, thereby Cause the body to go further and further.

Being fat in middle age is not due to slow metabolism. What behaviors may be holding you back?

Eat and drink, don’t want to move yet

This kind of life is consistent with many people in modern times. Whenever you have time or a little spare money, it’s like going to eat something delicious and want to reward yourself mouth and stomach.

When you eat, you will be high. It doesn’t matter whether your body can withstand it or not. Just eat and ignore your stomach. It is normally digested and absorbed, resulting in an increase in fat content. In this case, the body will naturally gain weight.

Not only does he eat indiscriminately, but he always likes to drinkdrinks, milk tea, wine It is easier to add burden to the digestive system, and it is easier to produce fat.

In this case, I don’t know how to exercise todecompose and consume calories, which leads to more and more fat accumulation, and obesity occurs.

Sleeping less and less

It is necessary to have enough sleep time every day, so that it can be more beneficial to the human bodyViscera work,EndocrineIt is also more balanced, and it can reduce obesity, but some people don’t understand it.

It is easy to be tempted by some things, and you will Affect sleep, some people are insomnia, some people are staying up lateIn short, sleep time is not enough every day, and some people are getting shorter and shorter sleep time.

< span>Sleep also has an impact on body management, and may also induce somediseases, and may also make you gain weight in middle age , don’t be affected by some things to your sleep time.

Then, when people gain weight in middle age, they tend to be greasy and greasy What is it?

①I don’t like to dress up, I’m sloppy

Being fat is a symbol of being greasy. In addition, greasy people also have a characteristic, that is, they don’t care too much about their own image, and they just wear it when they go out. Pajamas are fine, and you may go out without washing.

hair is messy, Don’t shave,Nose hair grows outI don’t know how to trim,The nails are also very long. If you are a woman, you can also go outI don’t know how to put on makeup, my hair is tied up casually, and my clothes are not neatly dressed.

②Speak loudly

You can hear the voice from a long distance, no matter what the occasion is He speaks loudly and excitedly, doesn’t care what others think, and can chat with anyone.

Always like to say some indecent words, or always speakemphasis< /span>, always deliberately emphasizes his own achievements, likes to enjoy the pursuit of others, and always likes to care about others.

③If you don’t want to try new things, you just want to break the pot

Maybe I feel that there is no need to argue about some things when I am getting older, or I don’t want to. For emerging products, I also I’m not that interested, but sometimes I need it, but I don’t want to learn it, so I don’t want to take that step.

Many times I still feel that the old things are better, and may be moreeasy to miss Old people are more unwilling to accept new things, and they are more stubborn in their thinking. They don’t have much reason to listen to other people’s opinions, especially what the juniors say, which makes no sense.

④Always inseparable from children

I like to talk about children everywhere, and my social circle everywhere around children, what to buy, or what to eat The children will come first, and they will no longer only think about themselves.

Whether you are a man or a woman, this change is quite obvious as you get older, women will be more prominent, and men will is slightly better.

When people reach middle age, some changes need to go with the flow, and some can be avoided.Management failure, the above factors that easily lead to obesity, I hope you can understand it earlier and avoid it in time.