Can’t tell the difference between yin deficiency and yang deficiency? Teach you to judge from the perspective of Chinese medicine, do not take detours

Traditional Chinese medicine has its own set of methods for treating diseases. It seems mysterious but very subtle. It can be adjusted according to each person’s physique, and finally achieve the effect of improving the condition. If you encounter a problem in traditional Chinese medicine, you must consult a professional doctor. You should not use your own half-knowledge to take medicine casually to prevent harm to your body, then you will take a detour.

Mr. Yang has been troubled by insomnia for two or three years. He is only in his early fifties this year, but he looks like he is in his sixties. White. Mr. Yang said that he can only fall asleep at almost 12 o’clock every day, and wake up after less than three hours of sleep, and then he beat the chicken Like blood, the whole person is more excited, and can’t fall asleep no matter what.

I have used traditional Chinese medicine before, but the effect is not great. Mr. Yang’stongue has deep cracks, and the cracks are in the tongue and the tip of the tongue, andTongue coating is a bit thick, with moderate bad breath. In fact, his condition is that the liver qi is not comfortable and the liver fire is too strong. Because the body fluid is insufficient, the tongue is like the land that lacks water and cracks.

Throughreducing fire, tonifying kidney and nourishing yin After the series of methods, the cracks on Mr. Yang’s tongue were significantly reduced, and he was not so excited and irritable when he slept at night. Now he can sleep for two consecutive sleep cycles, and the total time has doubled. I believe his situation will improve after a while. it has been improved.

Mr. Yang’s condition is yin deficiency, coincidentally, another patient, Grandma Qian, is also yin deficiency , but her performance is different.

Grandma Qian also went to the hospital for treatment at the age of 82 because of abnormal sleep. She said that she always felt hot when she slept, and it was obviously winter, span>My body is sweating frequently, and my pajamas are all wet when I wake up. AndThe stool is very dry, it is very difficult to defecate every time, and I have to use Kaisailu to pass it out, which is very painful.

Grandma Qian heardLiuwei Dihuang Wan To recuperate yin deficiency, she went to the pharmacy and bought a box. After taking it for a period of time, her sleep improved, but her constipation did not improve. She didn’t know whether she should continue to take it.

The doctor told Grandma Qian that she sweats a lot when she sleeps at night is actually night sweat, the body is like being roasted on the fire, the body fluids in the body flow out, and the interior naturally lacks water, which is why the intestines are dry and constipated. It also shows that her skin is unable to restrain the body fluid. At this time, it is not enough to just take Liuwei Dihuang Pills, but also to use Traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing qi and solidifying the surface Recipe, increase the body’s defensive energy, and enhance the spirit.

If you have kidney deficiency, do you need to take Liuwei Dihuang Wan?

Many people know about this medicine, and some people think it can regulate yin deficiency, so as long as your body fluid is insufficient , Constipation, and tinnitus can be supplemented with it. This kind of thinking is wrong, and specific problems should be analyzed in detail.

For example, Grandma Qian above, she has yin deficiency andqi deficiencyThere is a certain relationship, because sheis old and her organs are degenerating, just like the sun goes down, she can no longer warm her body, so the fluid is only It will be lost in large quantities, causing internal fire. At this time, in addition to nourishing yin, it is also very important to invigorate qi and strengthen the surface.

If you don’t know this and take Liuwei Dihuang Pills rashly, you won’t be able to improve your symptoms very well. In addition, some people are actually not sick, but they feel that their kidneys are not good and their sexual ability is weakened, so they will take some medicine to supplement it, and this behavior must be corrected.

The health of the kidney is related to the strength of reproductive ability, but kidney deficiency does not necessarily work with medicine, and it may also be due to yang deficiency, that is, The yang energy in the body is reduced, and eating the wrong food will make the yang energy in the body less and less, and the reproductive ability will be weakened. Some people have a more complicated situation, with both yin deficiency and yang deficiency, and it is necessary to treat based on syndrome differentiation.

Teach you to judge from the perspective of Chinese medicine, don’t take detours

Stick out your tongue and have a look< /strong>

There are more cracks and the tongue coating is yellowish, which means that the internal heat is relatively dry and the body fluid needs to be replenished, so this situation is Yin deficiency. On the contrary, if The tongue looks like it has been soaked in water, indicating that there is more moisture and body fluid in the body, which is Yang deficiency.

After going to the toilet, take a look at the toilet

Small, yellow, strong-smelling urine and extremely smelly hard stools indicate the need to replenish yin. If the urine volume is large and the stools are sour and smelly, it means that the body is damp , To supplement Yang Qi and drive away moisture.

Touch the temperature of hands and feet

Hands and feet will be overheated or too cold. People who sweat at night are mostly yin deficiency, while hands and feet are chilly and cold. People who wear more clothes than others have feet that are like ice. Most of them are yang deficiency. Deficiency, it is necessary to replenish yang temperature in time to warm the limbs.

If you make up a mistake, what will happen if you make up a mistake?

The best situation is that it is ineffective. After taking it for a period of time, the symptoms do not improve, but the body does not lose. But there is also the possibility of adding fuel to the fire or worse. For example, it is supposed to nourish yang, but the medicine that nourishes yin is used, and the yang qi in the body is even less. At this time chills, diarrhea, fatigue, and puffiness will occur Accent.

If you are not sick at first, but take Chinese patent medicines to nourish the kidney for a long time, it may eventually damage the kidney function, lead to abnormal urination, and accumulation of toxins in the body. , It also affects the digestive tract. Patients will feel loss of appetite, bloating, and ulcers in the mouth. Middle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to it.

Even if symptoms appear, medication should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. It is possible to use a certain Chinese patent medicine alone, or two or three If you want to recover as soon as possible, it is better to listen to the doctor.

In short, it is harmful for healthy people to take medicine for no reason. Distinguish which situation it belongs to, and then treat it symptomatically. You should also pay attention to adjusting your work and rest, and don’t be overly anxious.

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