Why are women prone to bacterial vaginosis? These 3 reasons, many women do not know

Vaginal inflammation is a very common gynecological disease, and the incidence rate is relatively high in women of childbearing age. Because of this, women also attach great importance to it.

For many women, vaginal inflammation always “attacks” suddenly, and they like to relapse, To a certain extent, it has had a serious impact on women’s daily life.

However, in vaginal inflammation, bacterial vaginosis, also known as bacterial vaginosis, is more See you.

Women often go to the hospital for gynecological examination and are told that they have bacterial vaginosis.

So, how does bacterial vaginosis occur? These 3 situations may induce bacterial vaginosis, which many women don’t know yet.

1. Personal hygiene< /p>

In daily life, the food we eat and the clothes we wear are actually contaminated with some bacteria.

However, due to the body’s natural immunity, this layer of protective barrier can protect against harmful germs in a timely manner clean up to protect our health.

However, if individuals always do not pay attention to hygiene and like to maintain a lazy pace of life in life, underwear If it is not cleaned and replaced frequently, it is easy to have some health risks, including vaginal inflammation.

Bacterial vaginosis is caused by external germs invading the vagina, which leads to the disturbance of the microenvironment of the vagina. Eventually induced vaginal inflammation.

Therefore, paying attention to the cleanliness of private parts is of great benefit to caring for the health of women’s private parts A bad one.

2. Vaginal flora imbalance< /p>

In daily life, most women compare Pay attention to the health of your private parts, so from the perspective of hygiene management, it is actually better.

However, some women may pay too much attention to the health of their private parts, and there are some mistakes in management methods, such as often Douching the vagina may lead to an imbalance of vaginal flora, which will lead to microecological disorders in the vagina, and some beneficial flora to the vagina may be excessively inhibited or multiplied due to environmental changes, and eventually become Vaginal inflammation may occur.

Moreover, in such an environment, external germs can easily invade, which will aggravate vaginal flora disturbance. Therefore, the imbalance of vaginal flora is actually an important cause of bacterial vaginosis.

3. Marital hygiene is not well managed

Some women do better in hygiene management, but in During the married life, but because of ignoring the hygienic management of his sexual partners, he was easily recruited.

Because in a married life, as long as one party has germs in the private parts, the risk of the other party being infected with germs is greater It will be very large, and through such a simple adoptive method, it is easy to cause vaginalBacterial flora disorder, and then induce bacterial vaginosis.

So for women, while managing the hygiene of private parts, don’t ignore the hygiene of married life , doing well will also benefit each other.

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