Xinhua Times Commentary: “Precise Exemption from Inspection” is also Precise Prevention and Control

From the evening of November 27th to the morning of the 28th, multiple districts in Guangzhou issued the latest announcements on nucleic acid testing. Those who have no social activities such as those who have no social activities, if they do not need to go out, they may not participate in the nucleic acid screening of all staff or the “should be checked” for nucleic acid testing to reduce the risk of cluster infection. Chongqing and other places also stated that “epidemic-free communities” and “epidemic-free communities” do not need to participate in the recent three rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff. These precise inspection-free measures have been praised by the common people.

Nucleic acid testing is an effective way to detect infected people as soon as possible, isolate the source of infection as soon as possible, and control the spread of the epidemic. On the other hand, improper organization of nucleic acid testing may also lead to gatherings of people. Some places announced that the places involved in the epidemic involve nucleic acid testing points. Therefore, on the basis of scientific evaluation of the effect, targeted “precise exemption” for some groups can not only reduce the risk of transmission, but also effectively save resources.

When the people call, the government responds. For some elderly people who have been at home for a long time and have limited mobility, and students who take online classes at home, taking nucleic acid testing too frequently will not only cause inconvenience, but is unnecessary, and will waste nucleic acid testing resources. If there are no social activities, and there are no infected or close contacts around, the risk of contracting the new coronavirus is not high. “Precise exemption from inspection” is a better protection for this group of people, and it is also conducive to concentrating on the screening of real risk groups.

It is a clear requirement of the central government to carry out prevention and control work in a scientific and precise manner according to local conditions. In the prevention and control work of various places, based on local actual conditions and scientific research and judgment, exempting some low-risk groups from participating in the requirement of full nucleic acid testing is an important measure to reduce the impact of epidemic prevention and control on people’s lives and implement the central government’s precise prevention and control requirements.

The goal of “precise inspection exemption” is to achieve better precise prevention and control. Of course, any measures remain to be seen, and should be dynamically adjusted and continuously improved. In terms of how to define the specific standards for relevant groups of people and whether follow-up supporting measures can keep up with it in a timely manner, the work needs to be done more concretely and in detail.

(Xinhua News Agency)