How to prevent insomnia? Experts support three tips to help you sleep well

This article is reprinted from: People’s Daily Online – Popular Science China

Insomnia is a common clinical disease, non-infectious, and the cause is mentality. Some people also have symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia. How to prevent and adjust the mentality is very important.

Usually due to work, study pressure or unhappiness, thinking a lot, emotional irritability, mental tension, which induces insomnia. So to learn to relax yourself, you can relax yourself through deep breathing and maintain a relaxed and optimistic attitude.

Try lying in bed with your feet raised and leaning against a wall for a few minutes to help calm yourself. It is recommended to stay away from electronic devices an hour before going to bed. If you really can’t sleep in bed, you can get up and sit for a while. First sleep with the heart, then sleep with the eyes, and then go to bed when the mind is still and sleepy. Of course, the ideal is to sleep until you wake up naturally.

Pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat less greasy supplements and eat less salty and pickled delicacies. It is advisable that the large vegetarian food and small meat are light. Vegetarian meals are available, fish is available in moderation, and seafood is occasionally available.

“Good sleep” is the cornerstone of health, don’t let anxiety, insomnia, depression ruin your mood.