Pay attention to “eat less and eat more” for dinner. It is suggested that middle-aged and elderly people: eat more of these 5 things, which is better than big fish and big meat

I don’t know when, everyone pays more and more attention to breakfast, but ignores the importance of dinner. Elderly people also need to pay attention to the intake of nutrients in various aspects when matching dinner, so as to achieve less but better.

“Eat less and eat more, and don’t eat too much big fish and meat.” Today I will share with you a few nutritious and easy-to-digest foods Let’s open our eyes together with our dinner food.

1. Fangqing Cake

When people get older, they can’t handle hard food, so pastry has become their favorite combination in three meals . Many middle-aged and elderly people around me have the habit of drinking afternoon tea and eating pastries. In fact, it is also very good to have the slightly sweet and not greasy square green cake for dinner.

Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake with “green” For the best, carefully select 6 kinds of green ingredients such as mung beans, green plums, and green grapes, and develop an exclusive natural and nutritious formula, with honeysuckle, tangerine peel and other auxiliary materials, the nutrition is “everything” and there are no pigments and additives. Healthy and rest assured.

Considering the physical characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people, Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake uses xylitol to extract Taste, low glycemic index, hand-kneading is more delicate. It doesn’t taste greasy at all, you can clearly feel the sweetness of mung bean paste and green plum, and the taste is waxy and soft.

2. Pimple Soup

Of course, there are also some middle-aged and elderly friends who don’t like sweet food for dinner. The long-lived old people usually eat simple but nutritious food. Their favorite is the traditional Chinese food pimple soup. Although the name is a bit “child’s play”, it is delicious and easy to make, and it is less oily and watery, making it more nutritious for the elderly to eat.

The pimple soup suitable for all ages does not have many ingredients, but it covers all aspects of nutrition. When making it, you only need to prepare tomatoes, eggs, appropriate amount of flour and your favorite vegetables, etc., chop the vegetables, beat the eggs and stir with the flour to form gnocchi.

Then pour the tomatoes into the oil pan and stir fry the juice, add water to boil, then pour the gnocchi Cook with other side dishes and add seasoning at the end.

3. Hawthorn Pills

Many middle-aged and elderly people sometimes eat too much for lunch, and have no appetite until evening, and their stomachs will still swell. In this case, you should eat less for dinner, and if you have the conditions after the meal, it is best to choose some food to help digestion, such as hawthorn pills, which are greasy and nutritious.

Adhering to the strict selection of materials, the hawthorn fruits selected by Qidufang Hawthorn Pills are fresh and nutritious, without bad fruit and insect fruit. The hawthorn is removed from the core without peeling, so as to preserve the fruit’s vitality to the greatest extent Nutritious, ground into puree with warming yam, jujube, etc., mixed with a certain proportion of honey to make balls.

Although the processing is complicated, it does not dare to save manpower. Qidufang Hawthorn Pills have been polished layer by layer. Under the golden wrapping paper are delicate balls. It tastes rich in hawthorn flavor, sour and sweet. Yes, but it does not have the sweet and greasy taste of fried hawthorn.

4. Small ravioli

If the middle-aged and elderly people consume too much energy in the afternoon, they will have a stomachache at night. If you are too hungry, but you are afraid of eating too much, you can eat some staple food that is full and easy to absorb. A bowl of small wontons in chicken soup must be very suitable for you at this time. Although the skin of wontons is also made of flour, it is thin Delicate, melts in the mouth after cooking, very easy to digest.

The quick-frozen wontons sold in supermarkets are convenient, but they are not clean enough. In addition to making dumplings, you can wrap the remaining meat stuffing into small wontons, and then put them in the refrigerator to freeze. Take it out when you want to eat it, pair it with seaweed, dried shrimp, chicken soup, etc., the wonton will taste more delicious.

5. Wuhei cake

Compared with the most common food such as steamed buns and buns that appear on the breakfast and dinner tables of middle-aged and elderly people, coarse grains are obviously better choice. Coarse grains are rich in nutrients and low in calories and fat, so they are very suitable for dinner.

If you find it inconvenient to cook multigrain rice, you might as well try Seven-degree square five black cake. His ingredients are clean. Coarse grains such as black rice, black sesame, and black beans are treasures all over the body. It is always good for the elderly to eat more. By breaking the wall to make flour, the nutrition in Wuhei cake is easier to absorb.

And you don’t have to worry about getting angry and not digesting well, Seven degrees square five black cake oil-free The traditional production process with less sugar, steams the mellow, soft and glutinous natural coarse grain pastry, which is delicious to fight hunger, and it is prepared with maltose, which is completely burdenless to eat.

Tips:Many middle-aged and elderly people have their dinners as they like. The big fish and meat are very greasy, but they ignore the nutritional balance of dinner. I suggest you refer to these 5 dinners Food, balanced nutrition, easy to digest, more delicious and healthy.