Wet scrotum? The root of the thigh is sweating, mostly due to dampness and heat in the lower Jiao, 4 Chinese patent medicines sweep away the dampness and heat all over the body

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Zhao. Do you always feel that the thighs are always damp, itchy, frequent urination, painful urination, female friends also have abnormal leucorrhea, most of which are caused by damp heat in the lower core, that is to say, the lower half of our body , Kidneys, bladder, large intestine and other internal organs have damp heat, which will cause these symptoms, so how should we clear them? Today, the doctor will share with you 4 Chinese patent medicines to help you solve various symptoms caused by damp heat in the lower Jiao.

The first one, Ermiaowan, If you often feel that the roots of your thighs are always sweating, your scrotum is damp, and you usually urinate a lot, and the color is yellow and cloudy. Sometimes there are still some eczema on the skin, and female friends will also have increased leucorrhea and odor. Most of this is caused by betting on dampness and heat. You can refer to Ermiao Pills to clear away heat evils and dry dampness evils.

Second, Wulin Wan, if you say you haven’t drunk much water, but you always want to go to the toilet, and you’re in a hurry, and you can’t urinate cleanly, dripping on your pants, and you feel a burning pain in your urethra when you urinate, And the stool is sticky, always sticking to the toilet. This is because the damp heat in the lower coke is too strong. You can refer to Sanjin Tablets, which can clear away heat and detoxify, diuresis and relieve stranguria.

The third one is Longdan Xiegan Wan, if your thighs are always wet, itchy, and your urine is yellow. I usually have a bad temper, always want to get angry, have swelling and pain on both sides of the chest and flanks, and always feel sticky and bitter in the mouth. And the color of the tongue is relatively red, and the tongue coating is yellow. This may be due to dampness and heat in the liver and gallbladder. We can refer to Longdan Xiegan Pills to clear the liver and gallbladder and relieve dampness and heat.

The fourth, Simiao Wan, if you always feel sticky and itchy in the anus, feel embarrassed to scratch it, and it is very difficult to defecate, and you have to go to the toilet for a long time every time. Sometimes there will be numbness in both feet, joint pain, and edema. This is caused by dampness and heat going down, which affects our lower Jiao. You can refer to Simiao Pills to clear away heat and dampness, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

So it is 4, the Chinese patent medicine for treating dampness and heat in the lower jiao, have you learned it? It should be noted that Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectics, different causes, although the symptoms are similar, but the medication is very different. Please do not take it without authorization. If necessary, you can ask a doctor to take it according to your own situation after dialectical analysis.