You must also pay attention to “season” when eating seafood. Old fishermen will not tell you the seafood calendar, please keep it

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Introduction: When eating seafood, you must also pay attention to the “season”. The seafood calendar that old fishermen will not tell you, please keep it!

With the progress and development of society, people’s living standards and quality of life have been improved to a certain extent, and now people only need a little money in their pockets If you do this, you can go directly to the market to buy what you want, whether it is food, drink, use, play, clothing, etc., you can go directly to the market to buy it.

Like the seafood we mentioned to you today, everyone is in the moment In this season, you can also eat more, because many seafood ingredients are rich in vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron minerals, as well as some high-quality protein, amino acids and various trace elements that our body needs. Organic ingredients, these nutrients have a certain nourishing effect on improving our appetite, spring tide crawling, strengthening immunity, and supplementing the nutrients and water needed for physiology. So in daily life, when we eat seafood, everyone should pay attention to a certain degree of greasy food. In this instance, ordinary merchants or farmers may not notify us.

However, today, I will share with you , when we eat seafood, we must understand the season of seafood and remember this seafood calendar. In this way, we can eat different seafood in various seasons. Today, let’s follow the editor to understand .

1. First of all, everyone should know that in this season, the weather It is colder and the temperature difference is relatively large. At this time, we can actually eat more crabs and prawns appropriately, because these two ingredients are on the market in large quantities at this season, and crabs and prawns are also currently This season is the fattest time, so if you eat more, it can also help you keep out the cold and increase your appetite. Moreover, prawns and crabs are rich in single quantities. Protein, a variety of calcium and iron elements, potassium, and a variety of vitamins, these elements can help us increase our appetite, strengthen our immunity, and are also of great benefit to the body. However, for friends who are allergic to seafood, try not to eat it.

2. After winter, everyone can Eat some hairtail and oysters. At this time, hairtail and oysters are listed in large quantities, and the price is relatively cheap. The meat is very firm, delicious, and without any big thorns. It is more suitable for the elderly and children to eat. It tastes best when fried. As for oysters, after winter, it is the fattest time. The meat is particularly thick and tender, juicy, and the taste is relatively good. It can help everyone strengthen immunity, promote sexual metabolism, and is also very beneficial to the body.

3, and When it comes to spring, everyone can eat more Qingkou mussels and Pipi shrimp. At this time, they are all on the market in large quantities, and the price is relatively moderate. Many friends can also afford it. And, again Rich in protein, calcium, zinc, and iron minerals, it is very delicious whether it is steamed, grilled, or braised.


4. In summer, that is, from June to August every year, at this time, everyone You can eat more sixties and abalones. At this time, shellfish products are very popular, the price is relatively cheap, the meat is more delicate, rich and delicious, the taste is richer, the price is more authentic, and the way to eat There are more, so you can prepare more of the above seafood to eat.

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