Patients with rheumatism should try not to take the new crown vaccine, which may lead to pulmonary fibrosis and is difficult to treat

Rheumatic immune disease is a general term for a group of diseases. The most common rheumatoid immune disease we see is rheumatoid arthritis. You may not see many other diseases, including systemic sclerosis. , polymyositis/dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc. These diseases and tumors as well as chronic infectious diseases are contraindications to the new crown vaccine.

An 80-year-old patient came to the clinic yesterday. She has long-term “eczema” on her fingers and skin lesions on her elbows. Why did she come to my clinic? After all, I am breathing The doctor is not a dermatologist either, because she felt weak skin the next day after taking the new crown vaccine, had difficulty breathing, and could not get out of bed. Her daughter took her to look around, and there were interstitial changes in the chest CT, but There was no significant decrease in lung function, and the electrocardiogram was also good, indicating that it was not a heart problem. I asked her to squeeze my hand, and found that both hands were weak. In the end, it was considered a high possibility of rheumatism and immune diseases, which cannot be ruled out. The possibility of myositis or dermatomyositis, let her go to the rheumatology department. The old man is very anxious, and he goes in and out of the clinic repeatedly. I hope I can diagnose her as a lung problem, but she has obvious breathing symptoms and chest pains. The CT did not match. Although she patiently left her to explain it to her, it finally temporarily denied the possibility of lung problems causing the current symptoms.

Now the rumors that vaccination will lead to the enlargement of lung nodules, high blood pressure and leukemia are not credible. There are hundreds of nodules patients who came to me for follow-up, but few Because of the increase in vaccination, the probability of nodules becoming larger is no different from that before the epidemic, so don’t listen to rumors casually, but it does not rule out many situations similar to the above-mentioned old man, who have immune system diseases, but do not know in advance , It got worse after being vaccinated, and I went to many hospitals and couldn’t find the cause.