It can’t be said to be an adventure, it’s just killing it, women eat grapes while swimming back, don’t imitate

I got up early and saw a video. The title of the video was that a woman eats grapes and swims back on a hot day. It seems like a big fish is swaying on the water. Netizens are also booing. The video is really unimaginable. When we were young, adults taught us to avoid laughing and laughing loudly when eating to prevent the food from choking in and causing danger. The dangerous operation of eating grapes in backstroke not only did not prevent it, but also was sent out in a video, which is for children to imitate. ?

Our usual Kopheimlich maneuver is to allow everyone to save more people when they encounter a foreign body in the trachea, but like this one while in the water Eating grapes while swimming backstroke, in case the grapes choked into the trachea, there is no chance of rescue. This is mainly because it takes time for others to swim over to rescue them, and the chance of successful rescue in water is much smaller than the chance of rescue on the ground. Therefore, eating grapes while swimming is already a taboo in life, and some people make a video and send it out, which makes people feel speechless. Please think about your life before doing dangerous actions, and don’t let yourself be innocent. It’s not worth it to be in danger.