In Japan, a BA.5 infection test was conducted, and the medical system collapsed, which strengthened our belief

The world’s epidemics have been wave after wave, and Japan is already in the seventh wave. This wave of epidemics not only brought down the Prime Minister, but also ran and collapsed the medical system. The virus did not move towards The direction of the gradual weakening of pathogenicity, BA.5, as a large Omicron, let the world know its power.

Japan is equivalent to conducting a national experiment. After the epidemic prevention level has been continuously lowered, it ushered in another epidemic counterattack. The number of infected people every day is high fever, and the number of severe cases is also high. , Many hospitals in Japan have issued red cards, which means that these hospitals can no longer accommodate more patients. Some cities can’t see patients directly. Not to mention new crown patients, other people with medical problems have no access to medical treatment. This is a typical medical treatment. If the run is not released, patients with other diseases will be able to see a doctor without any hindrance. Doctors are on sick leave. Who will still see a doctor?

Omicron is not coexisting with humans as imagined, but is developing towards a more infectious, pathogenic wave-like change that will give you symptoms at any time Counterattack may not necessarily increase the fatality rate much, but coughing and sore throat will make you unbearable, and it is still very easy to do work, so it is not advisable to let go of epidemic prevention and control casually, and dynamic reset will not be canceled for the time being.