If you watch the fire in the east | “The Eagle of Carthage” should not be forgotten

“The Eagle of Carthage”, should not be forgotten

 They may be the most overlooked team in this World Cup, and they are also the most difficult team to write among the top 32 in the World Cup. They are called “Carthage” Eagle’s African Tunisia.

 In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Tunisia, Belgium, England, and Panama share the same points One group. In the first match against England, Tunisia was defeated by Kane in the final stage of the game. Belgium and Tunisia suffered an almost one-sided defeat in the second battle. Lukaku and Hazard both scored twice. Even though Tunisia once pulled the score to 1:2, the huge gap in strength still made them Unable to recover, it ended in a 2:5 disastrous defeat.

 But in this game, Tunisia left a lot of moving moments ——Head coach Marule wept emotionally during the opening ceremony of the national anthem, which is also full of love for the motherland and football; in the 24th minute of the game, the goal hero Bron was injured, and he bid farewell to the World Cup in advance. It was difficult to be carried off Concealing the tears of disappointment, this is the first World Cup trip for this player who played in Serie A, and at this moment, he drew a helpless rest. In the 41st minute, central defender Yusuf also left the field due to injury, and he also left the field with tears in his eyes. After the game, Tunisia, which has lost two consecutive games, has bid farewell to the World Cup ahead of schedule.

 After losing this game, the African powerhouse is close to a World Cup Embarrassing record, this is their 13th winless game. The last time Tunisia won the World Cup was in 1978, when Tunisia beat Mexico 3-1 in the group stage, which was the first victory of an African team in the history of the World Cup.

 In the last match against Panama, Marule did not cry again , replaced by those eyes full of determination. In the 32nd minute of the game, Panama made a long-range shot and scored the first goal. This goal made Tunisia almost desperate, as if the embarrassing record of 14 games without victories was coming to them.

 The Tunisians are not giving up. In the 51st minute, Tunisia completed the teamwork. The captain Hazri crossed the middle of the penalty area, and the outflanking teammate Joseph made a hit and rewritten the score to 1:1. In the 66th minute, Tunisia made a comeback. A forcible breakthrough from the left penetrated the Pana team’s defense. Haziri, who was slapped in the middle, completed a fatal blow. Tunisia counterattacked the opponent 2:1, ending the embarrassing record and completing the first time Second World Cup victory in 40 years.

 On the evening of November 22, Beijing time, in the first match of Group D of the World Cup in Qatar In the game, Tunisia drew 0:0 with Denmark. This is the first time since 1978 that Tunisia has kept a clean sheet in a World Cup match.

 Tears are never a weight for people to win sympathy, but they are the way to Flowers waiting on the road to success. This World Cup, let us also pay attention to those teams that are easily forgotten by people, because the excitement is not only the championship trophy and the beautiful goal, but also the touching moments brought to us on the football field. The real meaning of sports.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Fu Dongsheng/Text

Editor in charge: Feng Xiaojian