Pain Pain! Woman suffering from low back pain for ten years suffering from mania is the real cause

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Making low back pain

Many people have experienced it

Sitting in the office all day long, low back pain and leg pain

Bent over to work and can’t stand up

Some can’t even squat down in the toilet

August 8

The reporter from the Eastern Theater General Hospital Learned that

recently the neurosurgery of the hospital admitted a patient

patient Ms. Ji has been suffering from low back pain for more than ten years

Recently, her symptoms have become more serious

I was even diagnosed with mania

Finally, the doctor pulled the cocoon

find the hidden culprit behind the patient’s low back pain

Ms. Ji suffered from I have been suffering from low back pain for 10 years. I have been to many hospitals and I was told that it was only a slight bulge of the lumbar intervertebral disc. After taking medicine for a long time, the symptoms were not relieved, but became more serious.

“I couldn’t sleep all night, I couldn’t lie flat, my spirit was about to collapse, and I was diagnosed with mania. I was given medicine to eat, but it didn’t work at all.”


After carefully examining Ms. Ji’s examination report, Lin Yixing, director of the Neurosurgery Spinal Cord Center of the Eastern Theater General Hospital, found the problem, “I looked again carefully. The film, right at the facet joint of her lumbar vertebrae, is a little wider and rougher on one side. It feels like there is something wrong with the incarcerated synovial membrane of a facet joint. After the facet joint relaxes, the synovial membrane enters, and the synovial membrane itself is relatively rich. It will feel very painful after getting stuck.”

After further examination, Ms. Ji was diagnosed with low back pain caused by lumbar facet joint disorder. Low back pain accounts for about 15% of chronic low back pain and is easily overlooked in clinical practice. It can manifest as acute episodes, such as severe low back pain and mobility limitation following sudden flash twists, flexion, and rotational movement, or as chronic, recurrent spasmodic pain and low back mobility limitation.

Finally, after surgery, Ms. Ji’s low back pain was relieved. “Now I can lie down, eat and sleep well.”

Lin Yixing reminded that low back pain is one of the most common clinical symptoms, most of which are caused by muscle strain, trauma or spinal deformity. In daily life, it is necessary to avoid some bad habits such as sitting for a long time.

“If you sit beside the computer for a long time or drive for a long time, you need to put something behind you and keep your waist straight. The time should not be too long. When you are working, you need to get up and move around in about a class. It is best to do the horizontal bar. For exercise, hang on it to relax your waist and shake it. If you don’t have this condition, you can jump, or put your hands on the table, hang your feet, and shake your waist. This is all good, and you can usually lie down. , it is better to lie on the side than to lie on the back.”