A man who has grown stones for more than 30 years has become a pearl man? In addition to taboos, there are 3 things you need to do to control gout

Summer is coming, and gout also comes to “report”.

Recently, Mr. Wang from Jiangxi Province is 52 years old this year. He has suffered from gout for more than 30 years. He has never had systematic treatment or taboos.

However, in the past two years, Mr. Wang found that his gout stones became more and more serious, and there were many joint deformations on his body. Both hands were covered with more than 50 stones, which seriously affected his life.

After systematic examination by the doctor, it was found that many stones or crystals have appeared in Mr. Wang’s body. If the spine is compressed or the blood vessels are squeezed, it is very likely that there will be life-threatening.

Finally, the doctor removed 52 gout stones from both upper extremities of Mr. Wang through one-time surgery.

Gout is more than just pain

< p>According to relevant data, the number of gout patients in my country has reached 177 million.

Once suffering from gout, the patient will experience pain in one or more joints, joint redness and swelling, skin temperature and other symptoms, which will seriously affect the patient’s quality of life.

If the level of uric acid in the blood of gout patients fails to decrease, it may also increase the risk of various diseases and the risk of death, such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, obesity and other diseases.

How should we treat gout?

I. Drug control

The most important way to control gout more effectively is to use drugs to achieve the goal.

Patients can reduce the content of uric acid in the body by taking drugs that speed up the excretion of uric acid, thereby reducing the attack of gout. The drugs that speed up the excretion of uric acid include benzbromarone and probenecid.

At the same time, drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid can also be used to control uric acid content, thereby helping patients control gout. There are two main types of such drugs, namely Allopurinol and Febuxostat.

2. Get rid of bad living habits

Many bad living habits can induce gout attacks, such as drinking too little water, lack of exercise, staying up late , smoking, picky eaters, etc.

In order to control gout, patients should drink enough water every day to ensure that they can excrete enough urine every day, and at the same time, they should take more than half an hour to exercise every day, so as to speed up the metabolism and help Control gout.

3. Daily monitoring of the condition

As a gout patient, it is necessary to return to the hospital regularly for follow-up consultation. Adjust the treatment plan.

At the same time, patients should pay special attention to their own conditions in their daily life. If there is any abnormal situation, they should seek help from a doctor.

In daily life, gout patients need more “taboos”< /p>

In terms of dietary taboos, due to the variety of foods, many patients cannot determine which foods to eat and which foods to avoid, so as not to affect disease control.

Among them, there are four main types of foods that need to be avoided.

1. High-purine foods

Never touch high-purine foods, as these foods will increase the uric acid content in the patient’s body, which will make the kidneys Increased stress can exacerbate gout.

2. High-calorie foods

High-calorie foods will accumulate excess fat in the body, cause obesity, and increase the burden on human tissues and organs.

3. High-salt foods

If you take in too much salt, it will inhibit the operation of kidney function, and uric acid will not be able to be excreted from the kidneys in time, thus affecting the function of the kidneys. The kidneys cause a burden and aggravate the condition of gout.

4. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is an independent risk factor for gout attacks. Alcohol can increase the level of uric acid and inhibit uric acid. excretion, which would be detrimental to disease control.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for gout

As a lifelong metabolic disease, there is no specific drug that can completely cure it.

But we can control blood uric acid levels by changing our lifestyle and using drugs, which can greatly reduce the frequency of gout attacks and reduce further damage to body organs.

Some people worry about dependence on long-term use of uric acid-lowering drugs.

It needs to be stated that uric acid-lowering drugs are not addictive, nor will they become addictive due to long-term use of the drug, nor do they worry about discomfort after stopping the drug.

The reason why most people mistakenly believe that the body is dependent on drugs is mainly because patients with gout have abnormal uric acid metabolism, which requires long-term medication to control.