Overnight vegetables can cause cancer? The doctor advised: I really can’t eat the 4 kinds anymore, throw them away quickly

my country is a big country with a long history and culture of more than 5,000 years, so most Chinese people almost follow the principle of new construction and thrift in their daily life, and they may also Solve this matter in various ways and methods.

If the food at home is not finished, people are not willing to throw it away, but will choose to heat it Continuing to eat afterwards can largely avoid waste, but there are many opinions about overnight meals.

Overnight Vegetables cause cancer?

Some people think that eating overnight vegetables is not good, and may even cause cancer, while others think that they eat overnight vegetables every year Meals don’t have much impact, so will overnight food cause cancer?

Nowadays, our material resources are relatively abundant, so it is easy to have endless meals, so-called overnight dishes Mainly refers to leftovers that are more than 24 hours old.

If you can’t finish the food, Even if it is stored in the refrigerator, certain harmful substances may be produced, so people worry that these harmful substances will increase the risk of cancer after entering the body.

In fact, whether overnight dishes will harm people’s health should be analyzed dialectically. It will make overnight food more than 24 hours, such as meals that can’t be finished the night before, people will continue to eat after reheating in the morning of the second day.

So strictly speaking However, overnight food does not cause cancer. However, if you eat too much overnight food, it will inevitably harm your health.

It is not recommended to continue to eat the following foods after they are stored overnight. Don’t get it wrong.

The doctor advised: 4 kinds of vegetables can no longer be eaten, throw them away

  • Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are foods that we often eat in our daily life. In fact, most green leafy vegetables The nutritional value is relatively high.

It can also achieve the effect of calcium supplementation, but green leafy vegetables will produce too much nitrite after being left overnight , so it will also affect your health, so green leafy vegetables cannot be eaten after being left overnight.

  • Overnight Seafood

Now that our living standards have improved, more and more families can afford seafood , the taste of seafood is very delicious, the nutritional value is very high, and it is also loved by people.

Cooking is done After the seafood overnight formula, protein degradation will occur and nutrients will be lost, so overnight seafood is not recommended, I hope you can choose correctly.

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  • Overnight Mushroom

There are many types of mushroom foods, such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, White jade mushroom and so on are very good choices. These foods have high nutritional value and delicious taste, and people can’t put them down.

Mushroom foods are grown from edible fungi. It will be soaked in soup and water, so some fungi may further multiply.

  • < span>Overnight soft-boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are more common to eat The method can allow the body to obtain more comprehensive nutrients, and at the same time it can bring many benefits to the body.

But when people boil eggs, they will not cook the eggs completely, until the egg yolk is in a state of flow However, not eating this kind of eggs is not good for your health, and the bacteria in them will increase further after being left overnight.

What are the effects of eating overnight vegetables frequently?

【Stomach Discomfort】

Overnight vegetables may contain more bacteria and toxic substances produced by bacterial metabolism. If overnight vegetables are not properly preserved, long-term consumption may affect the normal physiology of human tissues and organs Function, for some people with poor stomach, there may be symptoms of stomach discomfort such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

[Causes hypoxia]

Overnight vegetables also contain more oil, salt and other ingredients, which may contain more nitrates, and nitrates are depleted by bacteria It will be converted into nitrite which is harmful to the human body. After this component enters the human body, it will affect the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen. In the long run, it may cause hypoxia symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus and vertigo.

【Burden on liver and kidney】

For some protein-rich meat, fish, and seafood ingredients, if they are stored for too long, some protein degradation products may be produced, and these substances are harmful to human body The burden on the liver and kidney is relatively heavy, and it may affect the health of the liver and kidney in the long run.

Which foods are “healthy foods”?

1. Foods rich in high-quality protein, protein is indispensable for the human body A substance that is lacking, to ensure sufficient protein in the body, which can be converted into energy and maintain body functions. It is recommended that you eat more foods rich in high-quality protein.

2. Calcium-rich foods, calcium is also an indispensable substance for the body to function, and at the same time It is also one of the important components of bones, so the importance of calcium to the body is self-evident.

3. Food rich in vitamins. There are many types of vitamins, but almost all vitamins are very important to the human body Therefore, you can often eat foods rich in vitamins.

4. Foods rich in trace elements, our body’s demand for trace elements is very low, but the lack of One must, so in terms of diet, I also hope that everyone pays attention to the intake of trace elements.

In summary , the human body is like a very complicated machine, and various nutrients are equivalent to the fuel to promote the normal operation of the machine, so we must pay more attention to dietary health.