2023 will be even more difficult! These “5 types” of people may lose their jobs, so prepare in advance

2023 will be even more difficult! These “5 types” of people may lose their jobs, so prepare in advance! Since the end of 2019, all walks of life have been particularly difficult in recent years.

Whether you are an office worker or start your own company, you will face various risks, and the unemployment rate will increase significantly; There are more and greater risks waiting for us. These types of people are likely to lose their jobs in the coming year.

1. People working in troubled waters

Many people have been working for a while After work, it is understandable that they are prone to fatigue. However, once many people feel fatigued at work, they like to fish in troubled waters at work. You must know that no boss is a fool. When you go to work, whether you are really working hard or just dawdling, the boss is very clear. Generally, the boss has no choice to say it out. He wants to give you a chance, but if you don’t know how to cherish it, then it’s okay. There is a way. No boss likes to have his employees dawdling at work.

2. Newcomers who have just joined the job

Many newcomers who have just joined the job will be dismissed The personnel notice was dismissed; in fact, the reason is also very simple. Some people are not outstanding in their work ability during the internship period, and some companies are just not very prosperous. They may attack newcomers. It is normal for such a person to be unemployed if he just goes to work and does not want to work hard, let the boss see his true working ability, and just think about being lazy. And for this kind of people, once the company voluntarily fires you, the corresponding amount of compensation is much less than that of old employees. Once the company is in a downturn, newcomers who have just joined the company will definitely become the first choice to be fired.

3. There are many people with embroidered legs

During the interview, the person spoke very well, making the interviewer feel that if you are not admitted, it will be a loss for the company. Many people have been working in the company for many years, but their working ability is not outstanding. It can be described as embroidered legs, that is to say, they have no real working ability. When such people, once the company is in a downturn and want to lay off employees, the first thing that the boss thinks of is definitely It’s these flamboyant employees. Some old employees, because they have been in the company for a long time, although they have no credit, they have worked hard, but this does not mean that once the company wants to lay off employees, they will not lay off you. Therefore, ability is really important in work. And now there are many people with higher education than you, maybe these people with higher education are not as good as you in terms of remuneration, so, on balance between the two, the boss is definitely more willing to choose these people.

4. Dispensable people

< p>This kind of people are in the company. To put it bluntly, there is no difference between having you and not having you. The reason why the boss did not fire you for the time being may be due to his own considerations, but in the long run, the boss does not want to pay more than one person When the company is in a downturn, such people are also the most likely to be laid off; because your work basically cannot create any beneficial value for the company.

5. Older construction workers

We all know that construction work is a very dangerous job, and many people die because of this kind of work. Construction workers need strength and agility, but many older people are engaged in construction work, even more It’s dangerous, so after weighing the pros and cons, the elderly construction workers are the easiest to be laid off.

At the moment of the epidemic When you are working hard, work is even more important. If you have a good job and a stable job, don’t always think about leaving your job. A good job is the truth. It’s hard to find a job these few years. You must know how to cherish your existing job. You must shine in your existing work, let the boss see your ability, and create real benefits for the company.