A 23-year-old girl suffers from cervical cancer. Precancerous signals have been sent out, but most people think it is normal

Cancer has always been a physical disease that people feel very afraid of. For female friends, in addition to those common cancers, cervical cancer is also A situation that makes them very distressed.

In most cases, cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection. Let patients bear greater pain, and the cure rate of late symptoms is also very low.

23-year-old girl suffers from cervical cancer

23-year-old Xiao Zhang entered a listed company in his hometown after graduating from university, just like a flower Young, the future can be expected, Xiao Zhang is also full of expectations for his future life.

Some time ago, the company organized a physical examination, and Xiao Zhang and his colleagues actively went to the hospital for a physical examination, but his Routine blood examination showed a marked increase in white blood cells.

Doctors think this The situation was abnormal, but Xiao Zhang had no obvious physical diseases, so the doctor suggested that Xiao Zhang conduct further screening, but the final examination results were a thunderbolt to Xiao Zhang, because she was told that she had cervical cancer.

Recalling when I was in college, Xiao Zhang was tall and handsome, so there were many suitors, Xiao Zhang did a careful calculation and found that he had talked with more than 10 boyfriends during college.

And recently Xiao Zhang When he had an intimate relationship with his current boyfriend, there was also bleeding. At first, Xiao Zhang didn’t take it seriously. He didn’t expect it to be an early signal of cervical cancer.

Xiao Zhang regretted it too late, if he could have been discovered and treated early, he would not have been in this situation until now. Fortunately, Xiao Zhang’s symptoms are in the middle stage, and the doctor advised her to be hospitalized, so that she may be able to get corresponding adjustments and improvements.

cancer The previous signal has been sent, but most people think it is normal

【Contact bleeding】

After sexual intercourse or constipation, the vaginal secretions are mixed with drops of blood, sometimes in the form of streaks, and sometimes in dark red. Contact bleeding is an abnormal sign, and it is also one of the signals of precancerous lesions of cervical cancer, so it should be observed at ordinary times.

Most of these situations were first discovered by me. Women who are over 30 years old, who have given birth and live together as husband and wife, suddenly have vaginal spotting after sexual intercourse, and should be taken seriously. At this time, cytological screening and cancer prevention examinations such as colposcopy are required. If problems are found, It should be timely symptomatic treatment.

【abnormal discharge】

Mostly manifest as increased leucorrhea, accompanied by changes in color and smell. These symptoms generally appear later than contact bleeding, and are normal color and smell at first. However, as the disease progresses, it gradually becomes a serous discharge, and in the late stage, it is like a “house leak”, with a foul smell or rice soup-like, blood-like leucorrhea.

【Irregular bleeding】

Shown as nonmenstrual light vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods and postmenopausal vaginal bleeding. The former is easily regarded as irregular menstruation, and the latter is easily regarded as the performance of menopause. But this kind of irregular vaginal bleeding is indeed an early signal of cervical cancer, so we must pay attention to it.

These behaviors of men will also increase the risk of cervical cancer for their wives

  • Smoking regularly

In real life, most male friends almost have the habit of smoking. Male friends often smoke, which will not only harm Lungs, and at the same time, the wife is often exposed to second-hand smoke. In fact, second-hand smoke is also very harmful, which may directly lead to an increase in the probability of suffering from related diseases.

  • Lack of personal hygiene

In real life, many male friends may not pay special attention to personal hygiene, so this is why people often feel that men Always sloppy, if a male friend does not pay attention to the hygiene of private parts, it is likely to cause the growth of viruses and bacteria, and it will also increase the risk of cervical cancer for his wife.

  • Unwilling to take safety measures

In intimate contact, most male friends They are unwilling to take safety measures, and even they will choose safe period contraception, but they do not know that this is very dangerous, and it is likely to cause cross-infection of viruses and bacteria. Condoms can not only prevent pregnancy, but also prevent the spread of viruses.

Will the uterus be removed for cervical cancer?

In daily life, most female friends feel very afraid of cervical cancer because cancer itself makes people feel very afraid , In addition to the doctor’s cervical cancer, many female friends will think that the uterus should be removed.

The uterus is unique to women One of the reproductive organs is also the place where menstruation occurs. Perhaps female friends feel very troubled by menstruation every month, but without the uterus, it will inevitably seriously affect the burden on the body, and the operation itself is scary.

Does cervical cancer need to be removed?The uterus should be analyzed dialectically. If you have early or mid-stage cervical cancer, doctors often recommend that patients be treated and adjusted in ordinary ways.

At this time there is no need to cut Uterus, because the disease has not yet developed to the point where hysterectomy is required.

For those female friends who are willing to experience, perhaps hysterectomy is acceptable to them , but those female friends who have no babies, if the uterus is removed, it means that they are deprived of the right to bear children.

Nowadays, doctors will also recommend conization surgery for more advanced cervical cancer patients, Because the surgical site is mainly in the endometrium, it can preserve the female fertility.

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