One clinical prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of membranous nephropathy (turbid urine)——Sheng Mahuang Ganjiang Dazao Decoction

Primary membranous nephropathy can occur at any age, but it is uncommon in children and adolescents, with an incidence between 36 and At 40, there are more men than women. Membranous nephropathy accounts for the main cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults, and its onset is insidious. Secondary membranous nephropathy, that is to say, the reason why patients get membranous nephropathy is because other causes are secondary: such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, advanced tumors, lupus erythematosus, etc., which cause membranous nephropathy in patients.

Chinese medicine believes that membranous nephropathy can be classified as “edema” and “turbidity of urine” in traditional Chinese medicine. “, “Asthenia” and other categories, its occurrence is due to the deficiency of righteousness, the invasion of exogenous pathogens, or the dysfunction of the body’s internal organs, and the abnormal transportation and transformation of water and liquid. Therefore deficiency of both the spleen and the kidney is not only the direct mechanism of its pathogenesis, but also relates to the disease from beginning to end. TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment can control the disease, and the combination of TCM and Western medicine is the best treatment plan.


Western medicine diagnosis: membranous nephropathy. TCM diagnosis: turbid urine.

Syndrome type: Syndrome of Shaoyin and Taiyin. Governing method: warming yang and relieving the exterior.


Recipe name: Raw Ephedra Dried Ginger Dazao Decoction (the dosage needs to be treated according to syndrome differentiation, it is for reference only.)

Prescription: raw ephedra, black shun slices (decocted first), roasted licorice, cinnamon sticks, fried Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, dried ginger, motherwort, fenugreek, Chinese yam, raw barley, jujube.

Raw barley

Usage: Disable cyclosporine and prednisone. The above 7 herbs are the main prescriptions, and the rest of the medicines are added or subtracted according to the symptoms.


Disclaimer: Because everyone’s constitution and condition are different, The prescriptions and dosages in this case are only applicable to the disease in this casethe person’s condition at the time. The prescription and dosage in this case shall not be used indiscriminately without TCM diagnosis and treatment. If necessary, readers should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay the condition.


Fried Atractylodes