If you don’t do the three things tomorrow, you can be safe without being rich. Tomorrow is the fifth day of November. What are the characteristics?

On the fifty-fourth and twenty-threeth day of the lunar month, the year, month and month are in the world; don’t look at these three days every month, Laojun does not make alchemy in the furnace. Tomorrow is the fifth day of November in the lunar calendar. What are the characteristics? If you don’t do three things tomorrow, you can be safe without being rich. Which three things are you referring to?

Tomorrow, the fifth day of the winter month, what is there Features?

1. Red sand leaves day

within a year , Spring belongs to wood, it is the beginning of the four seasons, and it is the season for all things to grow. Autumn belongs to gold and is the harvest season. So wood is the beginning and metal is the end. Wood is life, metal is life, together life is life, separation is life. Therefore, all wooden days are together, and all golden days are separated. Jiayin, Yimao, heaven and earth unite, Jiashen, Yiyou, heaven and earth separate.

Tomorrow is the fifth day of the winter month, and it is still the month of Hai. Tomorrow is Yiyou Day in the month of Xinhai, one of the five departure days. Gold is separated, and Siyouchou is a three-alloy, so “Siyouchou” is the “Zhengsha” of the four seasons, which is located in the position of the four congenital numbers, which is the day of “Red Sand”.

Hai month is the Meng month in winter, and the Meng month in four seasons is also “Yin Shen Si Hai” In the four months, the number of Yinshen is seven, the number of Sihai is four, and the sum of the four numbers is twenty-two. The twenty-two digits of Congzi moving forward are You, so the You day of Mengyue is “Hongsha”, and tomorrow is the last day of Hongsha in the month of Hai this year.

As the saying goes:“If you see the red sand when you travel, you must not return home; Fire burns the house; if you are sick and encounter red sand, you must wear hemp.” So “red sand” is a day when it is better to be quiet than to move.

Second, monthly risk

Tomorrow is the unitary day of the moon of Hai. Hai is the place of longevity of wood, and unitary metal is specially used to suppress wood. The power opposite to the three-in-one five-element is the sky fire. As the saying goes: Heavenly fire does not go up the beam, and the earth fire does not move the house. It is easy to catch fire. Tomorrow the moon will enter Weisu, which is the fifth constellation of Xuanwu Qisu, Xuanwu is a turtle and snake, and Weisu is located at the tail of the turtle and snake.

The tail of the turtle and snake is also the most vulnerable place to be attacked, so “dangerous place” means danger. Dangerous people are high, high and dangerous, so many dangerous places are unlucky. Dangerous Su and Xu Su are listed together as the Xiaosha star group in autumn, so the book says: When the moon travels dangerous, there is crying. There is a poem that says:The days of dangerous places are not very auspicious, and disasters will inevitably lead to plague and death.

When the day of Haiyue rises from Qinglong on noon day, it is not a bright hall, and you are a red bird. Easy to talk right and wrong.

Don’t do three things tomorrow: don’t travel far, don’t get married Marry, don’t climb into the water, etc.

Tomorrow is the fifth day of the winter month. There is a folk proverb that says: “On the fifty-fourth and twenty-third day of the lunar new year, poor-mouthed mice will not come out of the nunnery. “If there is gold outside, don’t take it; the Taishang Laojun doesn’t make alchemy.” Tomorrow is Hongsha Day again, which is the “Zhengsha” of the four seasons, and at the same time strengthens the power of “Liri”. The moon enters the dangerous place, which means danger.

So if you don’t travel far tomorrow, if you don’t get married, you should stay still and not move. Do not climb into the water, refers to not going to dangerous places. Tomorrow, Yiyou, is the day of barking. Liu Zongyuan wrote in a poem: Yi dogs bark, what is strange. The servant went to Wenyong, in the south of Shu, there was constant rain for a few days, and the dog barked at sunrise.

It means that there are many mountains in Shu, with long-term rainy days and rare sunshine. When the dog sees the sun, it will bark to the sky, which is a metaphor for rare and strange. Therefore, the day of barking is also the day when the golden rooster crows and the jade dog barks wildly. Then the rooster is unitary, and it is exchanged in Zhengxi. The dog is Xu, and it is in the northwest. With Yang Tian stems paired with Wu Shen, cloudy sky stems paired with You, Wutu is not used, thus forming thirteen barking days.

Jia Bing Wu Geng Ren is Yang, except Wu Tu, which matches Wu Shen, namely: Jia Wu, Jia Shen, Bing Wu, Bing Shen, Geng Wu, Geng Shen, Ren Wu , Renshen. Yidingjixingui is Yin and matches with You, namely: Yiyou, Dingyou, Jiyou, Xinyou, Guiyou. These thirteen combinations are barking.

Of course, there is also barking against the sun, which is to match Yinzi with yang stem and Mao with yin stem , instead of Jiazi and Wu, the composition is a combination that barks at the sun. Tomorrow, Yiyou, is the day of barking, which is also the day of burial, but tomorrow is Hongsha, the day when the sky, fire and soil are prosperous, so this barking is meaningless.