The old man said, “A person without adultery can be recognized at a glance”: Do you have all these characteristics?


Too much, too much. The rain, the rain that lasts too long.

Excessive power refers to the violence exerted by a strong party on a weak party.

“Cai Gen Tan” There are words: There is no difference in character to the extreme, it is just natural .

To achieve the highest character is not to be out of the ordinary, and to act maverickly is just to do one’s best.

To be a human being, one must master a degree, which is “just right”: Leave three inches when speaking, and let things happen Three feet, treat people three feet away.

The old man said, “A person without adultery can be seen at a glance”: Do you have all these characteristics?

One, keep three inches in speaking: don’t cause trouble< /strong>

There is a saying in “Zengguang Xianwen”:“It is not enough to say three things when you meet people. Let go of your heart.”

This is a well-known motto among the people, the meaning is easy to understand, it is to persuade people not to speak out what is in their hearts, You have to have reservations, more reservations than the truth, just say three sentences.

Marx said:“Science is by no means a selfish pleasure, and those who are fortunate enough to devote themselves to scientific research , First of all, you should use your knowledge to serve mankind.” This is a very high spiritual realm.

Dialectical materialism is our world outlook and methodology.

Today, we want to achieve the goal of “life”, To realize the dream in our hearts, we must constantly accept the nourishment of the philosophical wisdom of dialectical materialism, more consciously adhere to and apply the world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism, and better grasp the phenomenon and essence, form and content, cause and effect in real life, study and work. The relationship between results, chance and necessity, possibility and reality, internal and external factors, commonality and individuality, enhances the ability of dialectical thinking and strategic thinking, grasps the course, and makes life go better.

Speaking should pay attention to propriety, people who are sophisticated, only talk three inches when meeting people: one inch is what to say when meeting someone, if a person No, the words should not be said; the second inch is when to say something, the timing is wrong, and the words cannot be said; the third inch is when to say something, the occasion is wrong, the words should not be said.

If you should say it, think twice before speaking; if you should not say it, keep silent.

As it is said in “Caigen Tan”:“The mouth is the door to the heart, keep it secret, Let it all out.”

The mouth is like the door to the heart, if you can’t keep it tight, you will inevitably reveal the secrets in your heart.

Second, let things happenRuler: Make a good relationship

There is a saying in “The Root of Vegetables”:“It works Go where you want to go, and make room for one-third of the effort.”

When you encounter difficulties and can’t get on the way, you must take a step back; When it is smooth, we must give three points of the credit to others.

Many contradictions and disputes in life are due to failure to learn and master the art of giving.

Learn and master the principle that the world is unified in matter and matter determines consciousness, and insist on formulating strategies and promoting work based on objective reality.

Engels pointed out:“The real unity of the world lies in its materiality, and this Materiality is not proved by a few words of a magician, but by a long and continuous development of philosophy and natural science.”

Following this point of view, the most important thing is to insist on proceeding from objective reality rather than subjective wishes.

To learn and use materialist dialectics, one must oppose metaphysical thinking methods .

Our ancestors have long been aware of this problem, and many allusions are criticisms and satires on metaphysics, such as the blind man touching an elephant, Zheng Ren buying shoes, Sit in a well and watch the sky, hide your ears and steal your bell, pluck the seedlings to encourage them to grow, cut your feet to fit your shoes, superimpose on others, and so on.

In the world, only metaphysics saves the most effort, because it can talk nonsense without being based on objective reality, and it is not subject to objective reality inspection. Adhering to materialist dialectics requires great effort and real effort.

It is a kind of heart and a kind of demeanor to give way when things happen.

When playing chess, handing over two pieces is a master move; when playing ball, handing over one point is the style of a general.

Let your companions go first when you walk, let your guests sit when you eat, and give up your seat to the elderly and children when you ride.

Give up is a virtue and a kind of self-cultivation.

Third, treat people far away: get along with each other< /span>

There is a saying in “Wailu Evening Chat”:“It makes people acquainted It’s better to make people feel tired of being with each other for a long time.”

To make the other party feel happy about you for the first time, it is better to have been with you for a long time without causing resentment to the other party.

Marx said that in order to realize ideas, there must be people who use practical power.

Marxism is our “truth”. event!

On the one hand, we must strengthen investigation and research, accurately grasp the objective reality, and truly grasp the laws; Observe things in a grounded and universally connected manner, and properly handle problems.

Any views of subjectivism, formalism, mechanism, dogmatism, and empiricism are metaphysical ways of thinking, which cannot be used in actual work May have good effect.

The exposition of the ancient Chinese on the unity of knowledge and action also emphasizes understanding relationship with practice.

Like Xunzi’s“If you don’t hear it, it’s better to hear it; if you hear it, it’s better to see it; to see it It’s better to know it than to know it, and it’s better to do it than to know it”;

Liu Xiang’s “Seeing is not as good as hearing it, seeing it is not as good as practicing it, and practicing it is not as good as discerning it with hands”;

Song Dynasty Lu You’s “What comes on paper is superficial in the end, but you must do it yourself” ; Ming Dynasty Wang Fuzhi’s “Knowledge and practice are related to each other”, etc.

We advance all kinds of work, but we still need to rely on practice to gain true knowledge.

Treat people far away: get along with each other. That is to say, it is wonderful to fall in love at first sight, but it is even more rare to have a constant flow of tiredness after a long time.

Know the boundaries, know the limits, make yourself happy, and make others comfortable. This is how you get along with people for a long time.