Once the anger burns, all diseases are difficult to endure. I will give you 6 Chinese patent medicines to clear the liver fire and quickly reduce the liver fire

When the anger burns, all diseases are difficult. Hello everyone, I am Dr. Qu. Exuberant liver fire will implicate other viscera, resulting in various diseases. At this time, we must start from clearing the liver fire to recuperate. Today, I will teach you 6 Chinese patent medicines for clearing liver fire and treating diseases caused by strong liver fire. Hurry up and collect them.

The liver is the official of the general, with strong anger, and the liver is in the internal organs It is called the yang of yang, so it is easy to get angry. Once the liver fire burns, it will spread to other viscera and produce various symptoms of getting angry. At this time, we have to start from clearing the liver fire to recuperate.

First, gentian diarrhea Gan Wan, can clear the liver and gallbladder, and relieve dampness and heat. If you always feel dry throat, bitter mouth, dizziness, yellow urine, many bubbles, heterosexual leucorrhea in women, wet scrotum in men, this is mostly caused by the strong liver fire affecting the gallbladder, you can refer to Longdan Xiegan Pills to clear Liver and gallbladder, promoting dampness and heat.

Second,Dan Zhi Xiaoyao Pill, can soothe the liver and relieve depression, clear heat and regulate menstruation. If you are always in a bad mood, bored and irritable, dry and hot all over the body, dry mouth and tongue that cannot be relieved by drinking water, have no appetite, can’t eat, stomach bloating after eating a little, irregular menstruation in women, etc., it may be due to liver depression If it is caused by turning fire, you can refer to Danzhi Xiaoyao Pills to soothe the liver and relieve depression, clear away heat and relieve pain.

The third, Danggui Longhui Pill, can relieve liver fire and laxative. If you are always dry and hard to defecate, severe cases can only be discharged with the help of Kaisailu, and you may even have anal tearing, blood in the stool, etc., and you are irritable, unable to control your emotions, sore mouth and tongue, bleeding gums, dry mouth and bad breath, etc. This is mostly due to the strong liver fire attacking the stomach, causing dryness and heat in the stomach. You can refer to Danggui Longhui Pills to relieve liver fire and clear the intestines.

The fourth, Zuo Jinwan< /span>, can soothe the liver and relieve fire, and relieve pain in the stomach. If you always have stomach pains, bloating, chest tightness, no appetite but a burning sensation in your stomach, want to drink cold drinks, acid regurgitation in your mouth, strong taste, and pain in your flanks, it may be caused by anger in your stomach. You can refer to Zuo Jinwan.

The fifth,Qiju Dihuang Wan, can nourish the liver and kidney, clear the liver and relieve fire. If you always feel dizzy, blurred vision, dryness, itching, more red blood, and Temperament can’t be suppressed, just a little bit, waist and knees are weak, insomnia, etc. This is mostly due to liver and kidney deficiency caused by excessive liver fire burning kidney yin, you can refer to Qiju Dihuang Wan.

The sixth, Xiegan Anshen Wan, yes Clears the liver and relieves the fire, and calms the nerves. I am always angry, but when I get angry, I fall in love with the fire, dizziness, headache, acne on the face, insomnia and dreaminess, sores on the tongue, etc., which are mostly caused by strong liver fire and restlessness. Yes, you can refer to Xiegan Anshen Pills to relieve liver fire, calm the mind and help sleep.

The above is the content shared today, and it is aimed at various symptoms caused by vigorous liver fire. However, traditional Chinese medicine requires syndrome differentiation. If you don’t know your own condition, you must not take medicine at will.