For the use of oryzanol, it is recommended to collect and forward

Oryzanol tablets are clinically commonly used sedative and sleep aid drugs. It can regulate autonomic dysfunction and endocrine balance disorders. ,Do you know?

1. Oryzanol tablets combined with trimebutine maleate tablets

Trimebutine maleate can not only excite and inhibit the movement of the human digestive tract, but also have a two-way regulation effect on smooth muscle nerve receptors; and oryzanol can not only improve the neuropsychic state , can also act on the limbic system and hypothalamus of the brain, increase the content of dopamine and norepinephrine, and have a good curative effect on a variety of diseases regulated by autonomic nerve function. From this study, it was found that the application of large doses of oryzanol can treat The visceral autonomic nervous system plays a role in correcting gastrointestinal dysfunction and regulating visceral abnormalities to a certain extent. Medication usage is: oryzanol three times a day, orally, 60 mg once; trimebutine maleate, three times a day, orally, 200 mg once; stop taking the medicine after the symptoms improve.

2. Multi-dimensional element tablets (21) with oryzanol tablets

Oryzanol can regulate nerve function and promote ulcer healing. The auxiliary use of multi-dimensional element tablets (21) can not only supplement a variety of vitamins, but also promote wound healing. Heal and reduce ulcer recurrence; therefore, the combination of the two has a good effect on the treatment of oral ulcer. The usage is oryzanol three times a day, 50mg once a time, orally; multi-dimensional element tablets (21) twice a day, 1 tablet a time, orally; take for two consecutive weeks.

3. Oryzanol tablets combined with Anshen Tonic Liquid

Oryzanol can improve the autonomic function of the body, stabilize emotions, and resist depression and anxiety; while the amino acids and phospholipids in Anshen Bunao Ye Restoring the mind and peace of mind, epimedium can improve neurasthenia, and dried ginger can calm and hypnotize. The combination of the two can not only calm the mind and nourish the mind, but also effectively improve the symptoms of insomnia and dreaminess. Usage: oryzanol three times a day, 10mg once a day, orally; Anshenbunao liquid twice a day, 10ml once a day, orally; 30 days as a course of treatment.

4. Oryzanol tablets combined with brain-soothing tablets

The composition of Bunao Anshen Tablets includes angelica, jujube seed, privet lucidum, fleece-flower root, cinnabar, mulberry leaves, Poria cocos, etc. Zhenzi, Polygonum multiflorum, and mulberry leaves can nourish and nourish the liver, while mulberry leaves and Poria cocos can diuresis and dampness, invigorate the spleen and calm the mind; oryzanol can effectively improve the symptoms of nervous disorders; the combination of the two can be better overcomes the rebound of insomnia and the emergence of drug resistance, and has the advantages of less adverse reactions and no dependence. Usage: Bunao Anshen Tablets three times a day, four tablets at a time, orally; oryzanol three times a day, 30mg each time, orally.

5. Yangxue Xuenao Granules with Oryzanol Tablets

The main ingredients of Yangxue Qingnao Granules are angelica, Rehmannia glutinosa, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Cassia seed, mother of pearl, Prunella vulgaris, etc. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals, nourishing blood and calming the liver, calming yin fire, benefiting menstrual blood, and reducing asthenic fever, and can relieve menopause Syndrome symptoms, such as sore waist and knees, irritability, hot flashes and sweating, insomnia, dizziness, etc.; and oryzanol can also relieve the anxiety caused by menopausal syndrome to a certain extent because it can regulate the function of the central nervous system. Although the two have different mechanisms of action in treating menopausal syndrome, they have obvious synergistic effects when used together, which is more conducive to treating and regulating menopausal syndrome. The method of taking the medicine is: oryzanol three times a day, 30 mg once a day, orally; Yangxue Xuenao Granules, three times a day, 1 bag once a day, orally.

Finally, it should be noted that the above medications are only for clinical For reference, if you need to take it, you must do it under the guidance of a doctor. I am Wang Fenglei, a spleen and stomach doctor at Dongzhimen Hospital. If you feel this article is helpful to you, you are welcome to like and comment; if you have spleen and stomach problems in your daily life, I hope you can tell me in the comment area , I will do my bestReply to you soon!