Don’t be jealous while taking this drug

Dip some vinegar when eating dumplings, add some vinegar when frying shredded potatoes, etc. I believe everyone is familiar with it in daily life, but when you are taking anti-gastric acid drugs, Still don’t be jealous!

Anti-acid drugs like Daxi and Weishuping are mainly composed of bicarbonate Sodium, aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate and other alkaline substances neutralize the gastric acid in our stomach with alkaline substances, so as to relieve stomach discomfort.

So when you are still jealous while taking this kind of medicine, it will cause the alkaline substance in the medicine to react with the acetic acid in vinegar, greatly reducing the Medicinal properties; and eating too much vinegar will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, making the stomach discomfort more serious.

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