On Doctor’s Day, our hospital has prepared 3 kinds of exams, hahahaha

Come here

8.19 Doctor’s Day is here!

The editor sent a curious Weibo

Want to ask what surprises the hospital has arranged~


Someone replied in the comment section…

But I don’t think the style is right~

As shown in the picture, a batch of responses are:

The hospital arranges “various competitions and various exams”

The worst thing is the one who left the message

“Prepared for three exams for this hilarious holiday”

Following the principle of “investigation and verification”

The editor has privately messaged the “lucky one”

(PS: The lucky quotes here indicate antonyms)

The results are solid

The college has three exams scheduled:

Antibiotics exam

CPR exam

Traditional Chinese Medicine Exams

There is a faint feeling of sympathy in tears

Through the doctor’s few words and micro expressions,

The editor felt the despair and helplessness of the other party

Hey, the hospital will not stop during the festival

one day day

Fortunately, the medical doctor station is working on it

Surprise on Doctor’s Day” small event

The editor made a decision immediately

Backhand is a little surprise

(The chat position between the two parties has been transferred from Weibo to WeChat)

May not

It’s the annual Doctor’s Day after all

Still be happy, have fun, and have fun

Medical Doctor Station APP is in progress

“Dr.’s Day Surprise” Small Event

Ready for doctors

Rich, practical, stickyHeart’s “Surprise Gift”

There are pictures and truths

(The picture above is a cartoon diagram, the actual picture shall prevail)

Limited surprises, first come first served

Quickly scan the code to participate~

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