The doctor was fired the day before Doctor’s Day

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The absurd things that broke the news, I dare not write such a novel.

One ​​day before Doctor’s Day, Liu Xiangfeng, deputy director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Second Xiangya Hospital, was suspended.

Many anonymous netizens broke the news that Liu Xiangfeng performed surgery for patients with advanced cancer who had no indication for surgery, and prescribed more chemotherapy drugs; went to other departments to look for stones and pretended to be his own patients; Come down and show it to the family… Some people said that Liu Xiangfeng used nepotism to advance in the workplace step by step, and used his personal power to bully new doctors.

The number of “crimes” has aroused public attention. The topic “Liu Xiangfeng of the Second Xiangya Hospital” has been read by 180 million, and nearly 10,000 people have participated in the discussion. Some people left a message asking: “Is this still a doctor? A murderer.”

For the online accusation, the “medical community” also called Liu Xiangfeng as soon as possible, he said: “It’s all under investigation now, I’m writing relevant materials now, personally Don’t say anything.”

Today, the Second Xiangya Hospital issued a “situation statement”, saying that Liu Xiangfeng had irregular behaviors in the medical process, and he had been removed from office, and his right to prescribe and operate was stopped. leads to further investigation.

“No novel dares to write like this”

What caused many anonymous netizens to expose Liu Xiangfeng’s “crime” was a question from “Zhihu”: “What do you think of Professor Liu Xiangfeng of Emergency Surgery/General Surgery of the Second Xiangya Hospital?”, author He also added: “I don’t want to talk about too many salacious operations.”

This question was initiated on December 22, 2020, but it was not until recently that it caused an uproar in public opinion.

Liu Xiangfeng’s improper medical treatment and even criminal acts exposed by netizens include:

Use a robot to perform incomplete bowel obstruction surgery, but the obstruction segment cannot be found, and the normal bowel is cut off;

Do a pathological test to see if there are cancer cells, the patient’s pancreas and spleen were removed, and the test results showed no cancer cells;

The pathology did not report atypia, and directly told the patient’s family that it was a tumor;

Steal a gynecological patient’s malignant tumor, falsely claiming to be another patient’s cholangiocarcinoma;

It is claimed that the patient has a malignant tumor of the digestive tract. After the operation, the chemotherapy pump is placed directly under the skin, and the inner tube is not connected to the blood vessel.

As of press time, there have been over 312 answers to this question and 6.95 million page views.

One ​​of the anonymous whistleblowers said that a box of “Plant Whey Protein Concentrate Powder Solid Drink” produced by a small workshop in China and costing no more than 50 yuan was sold to patients for 500 yuan. Open three boxes at a time, a total of 1.5k. “I saw with my own eyes a patient’s father who had only a few hundred yuan in his card and could not afford to pay for the hospitalization. He called and asked someone to borrow 1.5k and bought three boxes.”

A doctor of surgery at the Second Xiangya Hospital who worked under Liu Xiangfeng for a week told the “medical community”: “Just from personal experience, Liu Chuanfeng will prescribe more drugs in chemotherapy, and a lot of chemotherapy The patient did not have a clear indication. Secondly, many surgeries were performed by other doctors, and he left in a hurry when he got on stage. Thirdly, no matter what surgery, he would prescribe a bunch of consumables at his own expense. For patients without surgery indications, Liu Xiangfeng also Will do abdominal switch, increase the patient’s pain.”

“In just a week, I experienced the above-mentioned things myself, and the severity is evident.” The doctor of surgery also said that medical graduate students/undergraduates of our school are often coerced and lured by Liu Xiangfeng , do experiments, write articles, write press releases, etc.

Official information shows that Liu Xiangfeng graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University in 1998, and has been engaged in clinical, teaching and scientific research in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery for more than 20 years. Among the many voices of doubt, there are also a few family members of patients who spoke for him.

Weibo user “Soybean Milk Youtiao” said that in December 2019, his father underwent pancreatic space-occupying surgery and was suspected of suffering from bile duct cancer half a year later.

“I took the film and asked Dr. Liu to see it. Because of my dad’s health, whether it was cancer or not, he did not recommend chemotherapy and surgery. Now my dad is doing fine. My family and I I am very grateful to him.”

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Is it true?

In the preliminary investigation of the Second Xiangya Hospital, the specific content of Liu Xiangfeng’s “irregular behavior in the medical process” was not disclosed. Whether it is consistent with the content of the revelations remains to be officially announced more investigation results.

The incident has also sparked heated debate in medical circles.

Medical V “Burning Superman Abao” questioned the authenticity of some of the revelations: “Many of the series of essays against Liu are very contrary to common sense. Logical judgment is impossible.”

He said: “There are many people involved in one operation. I can’t imagine that a well-known hospital expert with a higher education will be in front of so many undergraduate and brother departments in order to pick two dates with three cores. Do these things blatantly.”

Some people also pointed out in the comment area that there are bugs in the content of the allegations, such as overdose of chemotherapy drugs, which the pharmacy department and nurses will not use. The hospital’s rational drug use system directly stopped it.

Medical V “Lead Clothes Rose” pointed out that one of the accusations against it – “stealing malignant tumors of gynecological patients and lying about cholangiocarcinoma” is very outrageous. “How can this thing be stolen? It’s not a tissue at all, and the results of pathology are different. Is the pathologist an accomplice?”

In fact, the process of so-called “stealing tumors” does not only involve the pathology department. “Qianyi Qiangwei” said that Dr. Liu needs to get through the nurse who sent the bile duct, and the pathology department will issue a report and review , and 4 doctors in the two departments of preoperative CT and MRI, and at least 7 doctors have been connected. “This is far from the big picture, and it needs many people to collude and cooperate well.”

For this question, the above-mentioned doctor of surgery of the Second Xiangya Hospital told the “medical community”, “There is definitely something wrong with Liu Xiangfeng’s chemotherapy.”

“I don’t know the process of prescribing chemotherapy drugs, but the drug dose in the prescription is much higher than the therapeutic dose or even close to the lethal dose. After taking the drug, Liu Xiangfeng asked the lower-level doctors in this group to treat as normal. Dosage configuration, and the excess medicine is directly discarded.”

Xiangya Second Hospital stated that it will conduct further investigation on the clues about Liu Xiangfeng’s problems, make corresponding actions according to the investigation results, and announce to the public in a timely manner.

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